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Cluster index: Alan Wall

Tragedy: The modern heist.

By Alan Wall.  •  The Tragic Dilemma he gods still lurk in the background of modern tragedy. Characters cock one ear to see if they can make out the congratulation or tears from afar. But they hear nothing, or perhaps they hear the distant sound of laughter. It is not a cheering sound. It is […]

from White Ivory, chapters 19 & 20

< chapters 17 & 18 A Fortnightly Serial. By ALAN WALL. • Chapter Nineteen. Vale of Llangollen T THE BEGINNING of the Apology, Socrates asks that his judges look upon him as a stranger. He might have said, as William Blake was to put it a few thousand years later, that they should try to […]

from White Ivory, chapters 17 & 18

< chapters 15 & 16     chapters 19 & 20 > A Fortnightly Serial. By ALAN WALL. • Chapter Seventeen. The Return ill gave Paul Quinto his drink and sat down on the sofa opposite him. Paul stared at him in silence for minutes, not touching the drink, and Will finally couldn’t take it […]

from White Ivory, chapters 15 & 16

< chapters 13 & 14      chapters 17 & 18 > A Fortnightly Serial By ALAN WALL. • Chapter Fifteen. Absent Voices, Absent Faces ILL GOT BACK to his flat in Oswestry that Friday to find the light on his answering machine flashing. ‘It’s Paul.’ He dialled 1471 and for the first time was […]

from White Ivory, chapters 13 & 14

< chapters 11 & 12                                                                                                       […]

from White Ivory, chapters 11 & 12

< chapters 9 & 10                                                                                                      […]

from White Ivory, chapters 9 & 10

< chapters 7 & 8                                                                                                                                                  […]

from White Ivory, chapters 7 & 8

< chapters 5 & 6    chapters 9 & 10 > A Fortnightly Serial By ALAN WALL. • Chapter Seven Readings he first thing Will did when he got back home was to take his one remaining copy of Kicking Away the Ladder from the shelf. He stood by the window and turned it over […]

from White Ivory, chapters 5 & 6

< chapters 3 & 4        chapters 7 & 8 > A Fortnightly Serial By ALAN WALL. • Chapter Five Will’s Lecture E HAD FASTENED up on the wall, as usual, his reproduction of Francis Bacon’s painting of Miss Muriel Belcher. And alongside it his Head VI of 1948, one of those human mouths […]

from White Ivory, chapters 3 & 4

< chapters 1 & 2     chapters 5 & 6 > A Fortnightly Serial.   By ALAN WALL. • Chapter Three The Blues Y THE TIME Will’s train was half way to London the following morning, his son Charlie was entering his supervisor’s room in a large concrete block. She had the typescript of the […]

from White Ivory, chapters 1 & 2

chapters 3 & 4 > A Fortnightly Serial. By ALAN WALL. • Chapter One. Attraction WO CARS ARE moving towards each other on a winter night. It is a country road and there is no roadside illumination. Only the carlights. These beams swerve and shudder and prod the tarmac, the grass, the trees. Occasionally they […]

Charlie Boy and Captain Fitz.

A One-Act Play. By ALAN WALL. ♦ Cast Charles Darwin Robert Fitzroy Primate Skull Samuel Wilberforce Thomas Henry Huxley Guide Visitor ♦ The scene is Down House in Kent. Charles Darwin’s study. There is a miscellany of books papers, prints, insects, slides, rocks, samples, a microscope, tweezers and magnifying glasses, as there was in his […]

‘King of infinite space’.

The Virtue of Uncertainty. By ALAN WALL. ◊ t is a curious fact, a vivid historical coincidence, that the great French scientist Laplace was formulating his notions at precisely the same moment that John Keats was writing his letters about Shakespeare. Laplace was an eloquent spokesman for classical causality: we can summarise this crudely by […]

Kubrick: Sex in the cinema.

A Fortnightly Film Commentary. By Alan Wall. he nude on the canvas isn’t entirely naked: at least it is covered in paint. Not so the nude on celluloid. Film is thinner than canvas. You can see through it. With celluloid, they shine the lights right through your body and out the other side. How does […]

The Lad from Stratford.

A Fortnightly Review. ◊ Elizabeth Winkler Shakespeare Was a Woman and Other Heresies: How Doubting the Bard Became the Biggest Taboo in Literature Simon and Schuster 2023 | £13.77 $19.38. • By ALAN WALL. ll that follows is by way of deeply troubled reflections. I do not have any fixed opinions on the authorship question. The […]