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Index: Poetry & Fiction

‘A Way to Dismantle’.

Ion Corcos: ‘I am in bed, reading a book on Hitler’s propaganda.
The wooden ledges of the hotel opposite
don’t have any snow on them. Our sheets are fresh.’

Hacheston Halt.

John Matthias: ‘Sometimes you’d
Exaggerate quite consciously—
As for example asking a grocer
Where you might find the
Mangelwurzels (sweet red beets).’

Out of the house and into the business district.

Martin Stannard: ‘I was out walking one day to see how far I could get before I lost interest when it occurred to me all of the most successful people I knew had not given up before they began, and one or two of them had not given up even after suicide, faking their own death, or disappearing without a trace.’

‘Arc’ and ‘Clock Weather’.

Fred Johnston: ‘The red orb blackened as it gained height
And it was coming to me
Batted with a dancer’s ease
Certain, effortless, a pure dream of a thing, a spin too soon

There’s an unhappy moment of recalibration.’

Several Dwarves and One Pet.

Meg Pokrass: ‘When he died, she decided to stop procrastinating, to research hand-raised snails, the most loyal and trainable. He was no longer there on the couch, complaining about the weather.’

Three instructive texts.

Rupert M. Loydell: ‘We’ve all wished for sentences expressed in the interrogative and read selected highlights of someone else’s words; we’ve all wanted a brand new computer and more sun.’

Five poems from Fire.

Jaime Robles: ‘Aloud but unheard in the summer
Heat. The cellular strength of near black
An assertion of red, smoke of indigo’

The O.E.D. Odes.

Lea Graham: ‘It’s the irreverent cherubs bored with Jesus, Jesus, Jesus at the bottom of the Sistine Madonna who camp it up. Mary has just blown in from warmer climes.’

‘The Ringstead Poems’.

Tom Phillips: ‘Robinson, his wife Ornella, and their friends the engaged artist Jenny Polak and economist Martha Prevezer – to whom poems in the sequence are dedicated – stayed with other family members at the Mill for several days during the summer of 2015 and initially perhaps ‘The Ringstead Poems’ might appear made up of a series of discrete moments and specific experiences from that stay, much in the manner of a poetic diary.’

‘Demarcation’ and three more poems.

Pui Ying Wong: ‘The air took on the color of acid paper
where poems that once shone
receded into oblivion.’


Adam Kosan: ‘I am on my back in a cradle, I am cradled in memory’s time from shin-splitting physical forward time, in my valley of the world I rehearse catastrophe, enthralled by an overgrown hand and belittled hill that together have established a new natural form.’

Two Sequences

Anthony Howell: ‘Nikos and David were an exemplary couple. As I recall those days, they came to everything, and in the most natural way they acknowledged, supported and encouraged their literary and artistic friends.’


David Plante: ‘A boy, you trusted the Gods to save you
From harm, and the Gods did,
Playing in sunlight and shadow in the orchard.’

Fire Poems.

David Plante: ‘So the globe will burn up, and the mind will burn up,
And leave space, in which the final fire
Is pure…’

Central Park.

Tim Suermondt: ‘Not many people out
and I feel as if I have a country
all to myself. But a country that’s mine,
every path I’m sure I’ve traveled
coming and going to almost call it home.’