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For subscribers: Odd Volumes from The Fortnightly Review.

An Announcement.

odd_volumes_rnd150tmIN 2014, THE Fortnightly Review began offering subscribers a collection of titles reflecting the diverse interests of the editors. We called our imprint Odd Volumes, a salute to The Sette of Odd Volumes, a celebrated and long-lived association of bibliophiles founded in London in 1878 by Bernard Quaritch and others. (Our colophon is in fact borrowed from some of the Sette’s early printed pieces.)

Instructions for subscribers only: You may select one title each year on entering a new subscription or on renewal. Instead of ordering through Amazon, simply contact us with the email address you used to enter your subscription and let us know which book you’d like sent. You’ll receive the book and, if applicable,  a PayPal invoice for the discounted price.

You may enter a new subscription by visiting the subscription page here.

 telegrams_coverAll books are perfect-bound quality paperback editions. In addition to volumes sent to subscribers on the above terms,  the following titles are available for sale to the general public (click a title to be sent to the appropriate Amazon page):

Dostoyevski and the Religion of Suffering by E-M de Vogüé. (November 2013) Price: $9.95 | £6.95

The Invention of the Modern World by Alan Macfarlane. (April 2014) Price: $16.95 | £9.45

Labyrinths & Clues by Alan Wall. (May 2014) Price: $22.00 | £10.75

Screeds of Stephen Wiest. (July 2013) Price: $10.95 | £7.90

Helen by Oswald Sickert. (September 2014) Price: $12.95 | £8.00

Telegrams from the City under Siege by Marco Genovesi, in English and Italian; translated by Hoyt Rogers. (August 2015) Price: $15.00 | £9.95

FRcover-tlt-160The Fortnightly Reviews: Poetry Notes 2012-2014 by Peter Riley (October 2015) Price: $17.50 | £12.95

Science and Religion by Ferdinand Brunetière; translated by Erik Butler (April 2016) Price: $15.00 | £10.00

Rejected! Literary Failure and My Contribution to It by Stephen Wade (July 2017) Price: $19.95 | £15.00


Brunetière and the ‘monster banquet’ by Elton Hocking. (June 2016). In .pdf format. Gratis to subscribers on request.

Additional titles will be announced on this page.

* PLEASE NOTE: The subscriber offer is available to new and renewing subscribers only. Limit: one title/subscriber/subscription year. Subscribers: to receive your book, order directly from us, not from Amazon. Simply send us an email.  Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

For details, contact us on info (at)