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The Fortnightly Review continues.

Winter – Spring 2024

The Fortnightly Review in 1869.

Welcome to this Winter–Spring issue of The Fortnightly Review. As many of our readers know, Denis Boyles, the founding editor of Fortnightly’s online series, passed away last November after a short illness. Much shock and sadness followed Denis’s death, but alongside this new realisation of his loss was the firm desire among Denis’s family and the review’s editors to pick up where Denis left off, as we all believed he would want Fortnightly to continue. This undertaking was daunting since most of the new work acquired by Denis existed only on his computer or in emails. We all quickly came to realise that Denis was Fortnightly. Denis was a gracious editor and had become a trusted friend to many poets and writers who had the good fortune of meeting him through The Fortnightly Review. The work that Denis acquired but had not yet published has taken on extra meaning now. This issue represents that work and the authors Denis so dearly cared about. Denis Boyles was indeed an editor of excellence. Rest in Peace, Denis. We offer this issue in your memory and will continue in your lead.

—Katie Lehman, Associate Editor

Denis Boyles (1946–2023)

—in memoriam—

(for Richard Berengarten’s tribute see here)

The Fortnightly Review was built in part on the publication of works in serial form, including Anthony Trollope’s three novels, The Belton Estate (1865–66), The Eustace Diamonds (1871–73), and Lady Anna (1871). We include in this issue two new serials, Anthony Howell’s epic-in-progress The Runiad and Alan Wall’s novel White Ivory.

from The Runiad
Anthony Howell

from White Ivory
Alan Wall


Melita Schaum, Still Life

Linda Black, ‘Three Postcards’ and a Prose Poem

Will Stone, Immortal Wreckage

Peter Blair, Snapshot, Sachsenhausen 

Lucian Staiano-Daniels, Seven Short Poems

Olivia Tuck, Four Prose Poems

Tony Kitt, The Back of Beyond 

Moriana Delgado, Two Poems

Lucy Hamilton, from Reverse | Inverse

Sheila E. Murphy, Six Haibun

Steven Matthews, Thirties Street Photo

Kitty Hawkins, Kingfishers and Cobblestones

Mark Scroggins, Zion Offramp 76–78

Marc Vincenz, Come Dancing with Me

Chloe Phillips, Please Swipe Right

Christopher Merrill,  from ‘On the Road to Lviv’

David Greenspan, On Learning the Poet I Admire Often Carries a Pocket Knife

Kymberly Taylor, Alice B. and Gertrude in Their Photographs

Peter Larkin, A Stubble Like Stars

John Taylor, with drawings by Sam Forder, In Memory Of 


Simon Collings, with collages by John Goodby, Some Guts

Peter Robinson, The Campus Novel

Meg Pokrass, Three Short Fictions

Ian Seed, Mariangela

Rupert M Loydell, Three Texts

Melita Schaum, Vessel

Alan Wall, Charlie Boy and Captain Fitz: A One-Act Play

In Translation

Franca Mancinelli, A Sowing of the Sky, translated by John Taylor

Marina Tsvetaeva,  Snowdrifts, translated by Belinda Cooke

Pierre Jean Jouve, Poems from Prière (1924), translated by Will Stone

Pietro di Marchi, Six Prose Poems, translated by Peter Robinson

Jean Frémon,  The Goddess of Emptiness, translated by John Taylor










Anthony Howell, A Clutch of Ingenious Authors: Michelene Wandor’s Four Times EightyOne: Bespoke Stories, Annabel Dover’s Florilegia, and Sharon Kivland’s Abécédaire

Garin Cycholl, Review of John Matthias’s Some Words on Those Wars


G. Kim Blank,  Civilizing, Selling, and T. S. Eliot Curled Up behind the Encyclopædia Britannica

Peter Middleton, On the Difficulty of Reading Susan Howe’s Articulation of Sound Forms in Time

Tronn Overend, Samuel Alexander on Beauty

Conor Robin Madigan, Master Singer

Igor Webb, Never Again

Fortnightly Film Commentary
by Simon Collings

Carrying the Past: The Afterlight by Charlie Shackleton

Robert Desnos, Screenwriter

Will Stone Essays

Missing in Mechelen: The Search for Estera Pesa Nasielski

At Risk of Interment

Tyne Cot

Alan Wall Essays

 AI: Signs of the Times

 The Lad from Stratford

 Stanley Kubrick: Sex in the Cinema

 ‘King of Infinite Space’: The  Virtue of Uncertainty

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