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Welcome to the New World Order.


WE ARE REPEATEDLY warned by those hyper-informed geniuses in the press that there is a pernicious conspiracy theory loose infecting the delicate minds of the global populace and turning them against the sacred state apparatus. Namely The New World Order (play suitably sinister music).

We all know what this is, so there is no point describing it. Rosicrucians, Jews, Illuminati, multinational corporations, capitalism, George Soros, the Masons, whatever, it’s all the same. The real news is it’s already here and we’re living in it now. After the end of the Second World War, its proponents have relentlessly embedded it into our institutions until we now find ourselves, in the western world especially, in this strange amalgam of authoritarian repression similar to that of the Communist regimes and a western repletion of consumerist goods. Unlike the good old days of the Soviet system when the shelves in shops were bare from lack of the production of goods, today they are bare only because of panic buying induced by the free press — and for a short period only. In both systems you can’t write or say what you think with impunity, although as yet the western punishment for wrongthought is mainly loss of employment and sometimes a fine or imprisonment rather than the Gulag or firing squad. Aren’t we lucky?

The truth is that once the international bosses relaunched the failed League of Nations as the United Nations, and the Euro elites set about building a bureaucratic empire, and various other bodies accumulated power and influence for themselves (think of any organisation with “world” or “international” in it and you’re on the right road) to regulate whatever they could get away with, including the environment, the end result was inevitable. A world government does not necessarily have to be one of monolithic Soviet style homogeneity — various nations and subgroups can still fight amongst themselves as long as the same people and types of people stay in charge — and augmenting their personal fortunes while they’re at it.

I was amused to see this process portrayed in the television series, Deutschland 83, 86 and 89. In the last two series, East Germany’s rottenness finally collapses with the Berlin wall. Officials of the GDR have had to resort to capitalistic methods to keep the finances going, including schemes such as buying a redundant cruise ship from the west for the noble workers of the republic to holiday on (while secretly transporting illegal arms to their ANC comrades in South Africa), and selling blood to West Germany. Staunch party members must begin to learn how to survive in the free-for-all of Kapitalismus — a task surprisingly easy for many. Those higher up the food chain are able to adapt, survive and enrich themselves better than those further down.

As the series is about spooks its main concern is not with the dreary, depressing and often brutal nature of the various Eastern Bloc regimes, but occasionally the viewer gets a glimpse — when a family is trying to escape to West Berlin, for example, only to be caught by the Stasi. The woman driving them is shot dead and the mother is freed in an exchange of prisoners but without her husband and daughters.

For those of us who grew up in the Cold War period this is familiar stuff and it is salutary to be reminded of it since we have since slid like giggling children down an icy slope into a form of soft totalitarianism. The government is keen to encourage people to snitch on each other for Covid violations, it tells us where we can travel, even in our own country, how many people we can meet indoors and out, etc., etc. And now it’s preparing the way for instituting compulsory vaccinations. But at least we get streaming services, smartphones and home-delivered pizza as recompense.

The world continues to adopt American culture and language as its own while consuming increasing quantities of Chinese goods. Which is a form of new world order in its own right.

And while it may appear that on the international scene with the election of a senile puppet for President the US is resuming its usual approach to China, the same global financial shenanigans will be going on so that the elites in both countries remain comfortably off. Appeasement is the name of the game. The world continues to adopt American culture and language as its own while consuming increasing quantities of Chinese goods. Which is a form of new world order in its own right.

As for the press, they deride the notion of the NWO, even in its most recent manifestation as the “Great Reset,” while enthusiastically reporting figures from the Prince of Wales to Boris Johnson and others mouthing those very words and deploying the same phrases, such as “build back better.” What else would we expect? The mainstream media now perform as local mouthpieces for the global establishment, becoming more and more blatant in their mendacity. As the joke used to run in the Soviet Union about their two national, party-run newspapers, Izvestiya (“The News”) and Pravda (“The Truth”): “There is no news in the truth and no truth in the news.”

So relax, comrades. Everything is already in place. Just keep on consuming, and do as you’re told. Your pizza is on its way.

suxcoverCurrente Calamo columnist, poet and writer Michael Blackburn lives in Lincolnshire. A Royal Literary Fund Fellow at Lincoln University (2005 – 2008), his poetry has appeared in numerous publications and anthologies over the years, including Being Alive (Bloodaxe) and Something Happens, Sometimes Here (Five Leaves Press). His most recent book is Albion Days (perennisperegrinator press). Sucks to Your Revolution is a collection of his Fortnightly columns.

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