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Three texts.



Blossom is to spring what a swallow is to summer: all manner of cakes, a lightweight project tracking everything from psychedelic research to implementation in an interconnected database located in between problems.

For real people, expected to thrive, keep your useful friends healthy and happy with
awsome, bossam, cosam, fossum, glosseme, ossim, sum, cross sum, draw some, and possum made with the minimum of intervention.

Blossom likes everyone else, helps participants with their self-esteem against a blue sky semi-double blush pink. Relentless belief and powerful support for Europe’s most visionary founders means real ingredients to solve real problems.

Stone fruit trees and some other plants are clusters of burnt mandarin, fragrant blooms on very healthy strong supporting stems. Visit and enjoy the buzzing atmosphere. We don’t do enjoy the buzzing atmosphere,

we don’t do self-defence courses like everyone else. Instead, a teenage girl living in a house run by men dreams what life would be with dirt-repelling technology, a protective coating, amazing leaves and an amazing shine.

Speech, language and communication difficulties are a whimsical adventure, a new challenge, a mass of flowers on a tree or bush with an endless choice of innovative designs, styles, materials and accessories to choose from.

As light flows slowly into our woodlands and hedgerows, once-bare branches begin to bloom. Blossom has long, fiery red-orange, waist-length hair with a triangular parting and pink eyes. She wants know how to use blossom in a sentence.


‘But I enjoyed working in the shadows, hidden behind a double veil
(the Other’s and the Other’s other name).’
– Umberto Eco, Numero Zero

Most clients are a regular occurrence. Lily told me that sex work provides greater opportunities to earn more compared to other jobs available. Negative experiences do not outweigh the positive benefits.

It is important to differentiate between criminalised, legalised and decriminalised sex; complex and multifaceted identities are the first steps in abolishing stigma about what it means to be a Christian sex worker or praying to a God.

We are talking pleasure while working, believe in story night in the garden, the free flow of spiritual vibes, and a blurring of lines between them, choices which interconnect and coexist adjacent to belief.

Multiple identities require considerable internal negotiations, are a precarious part of life, a subcultural mystery that is not just religious doctrine or beauty and belief as coping strategy. When I start to pray, I forget I am scared.

Sex can still be spiritual as well as a way to make money. If someone starts sexualising their religion, stillness falls, enabling flexible, pragmatic people, a community free from judgement.

Immorality is an occupational hazard, you should find it relaxing, its existence gives  further insight into religion. Most searched-for scepticism uses elements or extreme versions of imperialism and yoga but I can never embrace a position of doubt.

Sacred kinks are kind of pointless, like wild water swimming. Spirituality creates freezing cold water and a sense of the sacred within nature, music that generates long-form conversations, love, understanding and experiential meaning.

Being sceptical is the place for me. I believe in weird books and fulfilment through contemplation, am drawn to conflict and shared identity but the sacred and sexual remain private. I have chosen to defend rationality but also stay connected.


Words pique my interest, have the potential to elevate discourse to something which offers us new ways to think.

The act of organizing existing material with a level of criticality can lead to infinite possible outcomes. Today it is understood but back then it provoked outrage among the public and critics over the desecration of several sacred texts.

Do we have a right to behave so proprietorially? The absorption of new words into everyday speech signals the democratization of the notoriously conservative within an always cautious society.

It can only be a good thing if we know how to define ourselves. Post-punk hybrid swagger? Lo-fi design texture? Some mix of both is alluring. My understanding of the past involves a somewhat nebulous set of responses and responsibilities.

I have a sense that graphic design, publishing, community arts, industrial music and project management are all interesting, but given long-developing linguistic evolution we have to think elsewhere.

The author is archivist, conservator, and above all, accomplice; language goes mostly unseen.

RUPERT LOYDELL is Senior Lecturer in the School of Writing and Journalism at Falmouth University, the editor of Stride magazine, and contributing editor to International Times. He is a widely published poet whose most recent poetry book is The Age of Destruction and Lies (Shearsman, 2023). He has edited anthologies for Salt, Shearsman and KFS, written for academic journals such as Punk & Post-Punk (where he is also on the editorial board)and contributed to books about David Lynch, Brian Eno and Industrial music.His Fortnightly archive is here

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