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Index: Portfolio: Tintoretto and Venice

Tintoretto è Venezia

Michele Casagrande: ‘Insomma, la definitiva esibizione del tardo Tintoretto risulterebbe la stessa Venezia. La Venezia della seconda metà del XVI secolo, nella quale egli ha vissuto, lavorato, si è affermato.’

Tintoretto is Venice.

Michele Casagrande: ‘Ultimately, the definitive exhibition of the late Tintoretto would turn out to be Venice itself: the Venice of the second half of the sixteenth century, where he lived, worked, and made his mark. ‘

Heard in Tintoretto.

Hoyt Rogers: ‘At San Marcuola the / table is static / as a refectory plank / on a fresco in Milan…

Tintoretto: after and before.

Hoyt Rogers: ‘The past, as our imagination transforms it in the present, already evolves into the future. This was the lesson I learned from Tintoretto in work after work—a lesson that quickened my steps and restored me to reality, that multivalent realm of ‘the seen and the unseen.’’’

Tintoretto and Venice.

Introduction: ‘This portfolio brings together essays by Michele Casagrande and Hoyt Rogers, in Italian and English. To mark the anniversary, the Civic Museums of Venice and the National Gallery in Washington have jointly organised a splendid retrospective in both cities.’