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Tintoretto and Venice.


A Fortnightly Portfolio.

Edited by Hoyt Rogers
Contributing Editor.


CELEBRATING THE FIFTH centennial of Tintoretto’s birth, this portfolio brings together essays by Michele Casagrande and Hoyt Rogers, in Italian and English. To mark the anniversary, the Civic Museums of Venice and the National Gallery in Washington have jointly organised a splendid retrospective in both cities. Michele Casagrande, an arts administrator and native Venetian, offers his take on the selection shown at the Palazzo Ducale, while the American author Hoyt Rogers introduces the exhibition currently on view in Washington. Along the way, both writers share what the Serenissima and Tintoretto have meant to them over the years. In addition, Rogers contributes a quartet of ekphrastic poems on Tintoretto’s sharply differing versions of the Last Supper, a scene which he often depicted.


index of this portfolio:
Tintoretto: after and before by Hoyt Rogers | Tintoretto is Venice by Michele Casagrande
Heard in Tintoretto by Hoyt Rogers

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