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Editorial statement and submission guidelines.

Editorial statement.

The object of THE FORTNIGHTLY REVIEW is to become the organ of the unbiassed expression of many and various minds on topics of general interest in Politics, Literature, Philosophy, Science, and Art. Each contribution will have the gravity of an avowed responsibility. Each contributor, in giving his name, will not only give an earnest of his sincerity, but will claim the privilege of perfect freedom of opinion, unbiassed by the opinions of the Editor or of fellow contributors.
— May 13, 1865.1

Notes to contributors.

The co-editors of The Fortnightly Review’s New Series are
Denis Boyles and Alan Macfarlane.

Please see this page for details concerning the Fortnightly’s other editors and contributors.

Please see this page if you wish to contribute to the support of The Fortnightly Review.

The Fortnightly Review is an independent publishing venture. Support comes solely from readers and book sales.


WE WELCOME SUBMISSIONS OF reviews, essays and reportage, fiction, and even poetry, and appreciate your consideration of the Fortnightly – but see specific guidelines below.

If your submission is unanticipated, please do not send attachments. Simply paste your submission (in plain text, without Word-document modifications) into an email form and send it to under the subject header ‘For consideration.’ Please be certain to include your name and contact details. For longer contributions, queries are preferred, of course.

We welcome the work of independent scholars and we can consider previously published material, but only if it is not available elsewhere online. Please do not include us in simultaneous submissions.

Response time is generally less than a fortnight, except during July and August.

Comments are invited if signed. We consider comments are editorial contributions, and, by intent and tradition, the function of this publication is not to provide a platform for anonymous comment (see the ‘Editorial Statement’ above). Therefore, unsigned or pseudonymous comments are not accepted, nor are those submitted under false email addresses. Critical comments are very welcome if they are submitted in accordance with our simple rules as expressed here. We do not encourage comments used to provide external links to unrelated sites. All comments are moderated before publication. Delays up to 24 hours should be anticipated.

Reviews of books, music, films, exhibits, plays, lectures and performances: Query first.

Essays and reportage. We tend especially to appreciate long pieces with very high archival value. Please do not include images unless requested. Please query first and insure an understanding of the proper formatting of citations.

Fiction. We encourage the contribution of very short, experimental fiction.

Serials. Unpublished full-length fiction or non-fiction manuscripts may be considered for serial publication. Please query first.

Poetry. We prefer poetry in standard visual forms; we discourage the submission of poems with variable indents, since the content-management tool used by WordPress makes these difficult to present predictably. All poetry submissions should be directed to the poetry editor:

A note on style: We use two style manuals based on provenance: CMOS for American contributors and Oxford/Hart’s for UK and Commonwealth contributors. However manuscript consistency trumps.

A note on rights: On accepting submitted work, The Fortnightly Review acquires universal publication rights on the internet and in any subsequent collections in any format. These rights are exclusive for 90 days from the date of publication in The Fortnightly Review, at which point rights revert back to the author.

In submitting your work for publication in The Fortnightly Review, you affirm that you have legal ownership or guardianship of the work you submit and/or that you are the sole author of the work.

We do not publish work available elsewhere online. 

By submitting work to The Fortnightly Review, either on your own initiative or by invitation, you acknowledge you have read and understood the above statements.

Work submitted for review.

Please direct books, discs, videos, etc. to the editorial office:

Postal address:
The Fortnightly Review
Château du Ligny
2 rue Georges Clémenceau
85260 Les Brouzils

Poetry for review. Please direct all books of poetry to the attention of the poetry editor:

Peter Riley
The Fortnightly Review
4 Mayroyd Mill
Mayroyd Lane
Hebden Bridge
West Yorkshire HX7 89VY



THE EDITORS ALWAYS WELCOME suggestions from readers, and in particular we invite nominations for inclusion in Chronicle & Notices. If you will use the form below to comment, initiate correspondence or point us to an interesting online article, essay, image, audio or video file, book review, poetry, or fiction, we will be indebted to you, and so will your fellow readers. (Please double-check any included link. The details you enter will not be shared, published, archived, or used in any way beyond what is necessary for routine verification and executing your request; your name will not appear, unless you specifically request otherwise.)

Thank you.

The Editors.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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  1. Date of the announcement of The Fortnightly Review as it appeared in the Saturday Review.