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The Editors and Contributors.

Denis Boyles | Visiting Fellow, School of Humanities, University of Buckingham, and Director,  The Brouzils Seminars, Les Brouzils, France.

Anthony O’Hear | Professor of Philosophy, University of Buckingham, and Director, Royal Institute of Philosophy, London.

Poetry editor: Peter Riley.
Managing Editor: Cameron Summers.

Michael Blackburn | Currente Calamo. Michael Blackburn is a poet and occasional publisher. He lectures in English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Lincoln. His most recent poetry collection is Spyglass Over The Lagoon (The Knives Forks And Spoons Press, 2011) and his regular blog is Plunder and Salvage.

Anthony Howell | Contributing editor. A former dancer with the Royal Ballet, Anthony Howell was founder of The Theatre of Mistakes and performed solo at the Hayward Gallery and at the Sydney Biennale. His articles on visual art, dance, performance, and poetry have appeared in Art Monthly, The London Magazine, Harpers & Queen, the Times Literary Supplement, and elsewhere. In 2001 he received a LADA bursary to study the tango in Buenos Aires and now teaches the dance at his studio/gallery, The Room in Tottenham Hale. He is the author of a seminal textbook, The Analysis of Performance Art: A Guide to Its Theory and Practice, several collections of poetry, including The Ogre’s Wife, and translations, including his work with Fawzi Karim in Plague Lands.

Peter Riley | Poetry Notes. Peter Riley is the former co-editor of The English Intelligencer, the former editor of Collection, and the author of fifteen books of poetry – and some of prose. A recipient of a 2012 Cholmondeley Award for poetry, his latest book is The Glacial Stairway (Carcanet, 2011). He lives in Yorkshire. His webpage is April Eye.

Ian Sansom | Museums and Collections. Ian Sansom is the author of Ring Road, Paper: An Elegy (UK) (US), The Bad Book Affair (UK) (US) and other titles in the Mobile Library Mystery series. A new series of mysteries, the “County Guides”, launched in July 2013 with the publication of The Norfolk Mystery (UK) (US). He studied at both Oxford and Cambridge, is a former Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and is often heard on Radio Three and Radio Four. He teaches in the Writing Program at the University of Warwick and writes frequently for The Guardian and the London Review of Books.

Contributors: Roger Berkowitz, Daniel Bosch, Juliet du Boulay, Stan Carey, L.M. Kit Carson, Hugh Chisholm, Robert Coover, Arthur Croxton, John Derbyshire, Ethel Dilke, Stephen Dodson, John Ferriar MD, W. E. Garrett Fisher, Gerald Gaus, Henry R. HaxtonAllen M. Hornblum, Anthony Howell, Kate Hoyland, Charles Jencks, Ann Lauterbach, Jon Lauck, W. J. Lawrence, G. H. Lewes, Alan Macfarlane, Lawrence Markert, Andrew Mitchell, Drew Moore, C. Kegan Paul, Marshall Poe, Ezra Pound, R. L. Ramires (Chronicle & Notices), Lucy Sheehan, Alana Shilling, Andrew Sinclair, Myra Sklarew, Martin Sorrell, Herbert Spencer, William Stafford, Harry Stein, Andrew Thacker, Katharine Tynan, Eugène-Melchior de Vogüé, Alan Wall, Michelene Wandor, Stephen Wiest.

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