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The Fortnightly Review is supported solely by its readers and by the sale of books.

If you are a reader of The Fortnightly Review’s New Series, here are four simple ways to support our work.

1. Subscribe to The Fortnightly Review. Your support is essential, and, at £25 (about 35€ or US$40), an annual subscription is reasonably priced. It’s the best way there is of supporting our ongoing effort to extend not only the Fortnightly’s critical values but also G.H. Lewes’s promise, made on 13 May 1865, into contemporary cultural life:

The object of THE FORTNIGHTLY REVIEW is to become the organ of the unbiassed expression of many and various minds on topics of general interest in Politics, Literature, Philosophy, Science, and Art. Each contribution will have the gravity of an avowed responsibility.

Thus, in an age of digital excess and angry polemics, we strive to offer intelligent comment for open-minded readers. If you find something here that comforts by validating an already-fixed opinion or point-of-view, it is not by editorial intent. We rarely tweet and we snark not.

Odd VolumesBenefits of subscribing: We welcome subscribers by offering a complimentary choice of titles from our “Odd Volumes” imprint on a yearly basis. The button below does it all, via PayPal. All major credit cards are thus accepted in complete security. To make a one-time donation via PayPal, simply click here.

Thank you for this support. We welcome all comments and suggestions. Direct them to the editors:

If you wish to propose an editorial contribution, please see this page.

Note: We support the work of the World Oral History Project, which is affiliated to the University of Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology and co-located at Cambridge and Yale. The World Oral Literature Project collaborates with local communities to document their own oral narratives, and aspires to become a permanent centre for the appreciation and preservation of oral literature. To earmark all or part of your donation, either use the button below or subscribe, then let us know your wishes by clicking here. To donate directly to the Project, click here.

2. Browse our catalogue of Odd Volumes. In 2013, with the publication of Stephen Wiest’s ScreedsThe Fortnightly Review began offering subscribers a collection of titles reflecting the diverse interests of the editors. We call our imprint ‘Odd Volumes‘, a salute to The Sette of Odd Volumes, a celebrated and long-lived association of bibliophiles founded in London in 1878 by Bernard Quaritch and others. (Our colophon is in fact borrowed from some of the Sette’s early printed pieces.) The list has grown considerably, adding 3-5 new titls each year.

These are noted and offered for sale here, but subscribers may choose a new title every year (see above).

3.Help us help others. We routinely receive requests for archival, publishing and research help from students, readers, writers, scholars, and others. We are limited in our ability to respond, but we certainly welcome ways of extending our usefulness to these readers. If you would like to help The Fortnightly Review expand its educational and publishing activities, a direct donation is the best way. Your donation can be processed securely by credit card by clicking this link. There is no tax advantage, however.

Or contact us for alternative ways of donating:


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4. Please remember The Fortnightly Review can also benefit from your online purchases of books and merchandise.

If you purchase a book through an online link from this site, we may receive a small commission.

A Fortnightly Review bookstall for American readers is here.

If you’d like to support the Fortnightly every time you shop for books, you may do so by using this link.

A slightly different Fortnightly bookshop for British and European readers is here.


Here is a link to a simple online shop offering Fortnightly Review merchandise.

Example: A Fortnightly Review Polo or T-shirt? A canvas tote? Why not? Be the first in your (or any other) century.

5. Just spread the word. If you know someone who is the kind of reader to whom the Fortnightly might appeal, tell them to visit us online! Websites grow by word-of-mouth, and since this is the Fortnightly‘s first website in 150 years, your recommendation can only help. It’s simple enough: just direct them to

6. Partnerships. For details on our academic, institutional, and publishing partnerships, write to We support the Trollope Prize awarded annually by the University of Kansas, the World Oral History Project at Cambridge and Yale, The Saint Catherine Foundation and the Dickens Journal Online project at the University of Buckingham. We also participate in a co-publishing partnership with the Chavagnes Studium. We welcome other such partnerships. Please contact us at the address above for details.

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We offer space in our “Notices” list and elsewhere to cultural projects, organisations, institutions, and campaigns on a space-available basis. We do not sell advertising space.