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Three instructive texts.




Hardcore theorizing has considerable voltage and a bristling loaded warmth projected through visual speculation and sensation. It anonymously collects every mad, tragic or ridiculous reflection it has ever witnessed in a windowless side room.


The dramatic tension brought about by ends and means offers knowledge dislocated from logical alignment or transformation, amounts to nothing more than the eventual realisation that no-one can escape the presence of matter.


This is the most extreme form of brilliance, a massive complexity understood through simple means, without reference to anything else. However, I did not think that there would always be an unknown listener exploring meaning and joining in the play.


Presented with cutting-edge luxury we remain at rest, content amid ordered disruption, eliminating alliteration with no trace of imposition or memory of what we talked about en route. Any explanation shifts the focus away from something else.


Equilibrium is broken by uneven handling and formal disclosure, with little room for digression or the vagaries of life, yet some have thought well of the language of the unlearned, which is to be understood not as approximate but as exact.


Invisible friction becomes a broken surface beyond the circumference of colour, detonating a visual explosion with allegiance to optical disturbance. Accidents can not make sense of even the most trivial matter, semantic, overheard, experienced or witnessed.


Shapes are continually made to converge on the reaction between plastic and passive situations, though the composition can shift. Note the crack of billiard balls hitting one another, process the language of wind and lost detail.


Until the end of September divisions are not rigid, often bend toward the edges of resolution and resurrection. We will write the same things we have always written on the dusty mirror: our lives are made out of such pointless repetition.


If the circle spirals down then the course is set, with a good deal of ambiguity as well as pure reason and elaborate dialogue. There is just enough space to fill every room of the house and create a simple phenomenology of being.


Compressed forms are either emotionally sharper or more sonorous, are sequences of events which flicker or loom and pay allegiance to compulsion. A lack of eloquence does not mean simply waiting patiently for a drop in the price of beauty.


It is best to leave the last word out, since it is only possible to understand one thing at a time, or inhabit it in some unexpected way. The technique is not always as systematic or as closely worked as this example but is usually not that far away.



Can we build a new normal? Well-chosen perilous activities please! Public health contagions are worse than Covid as scientists try to keep students in STEM fields. Let’s weed out the wildly overblown and send tremors into the Arctic. If this global pandemic continues, the editors will go along. Think you can? Follow us but do not sell my data or share information about earlier iterations.


Get smart. Sign up for our Ending Pronouns Project rather than lusting over the latest phone or tracking down forgotten corners of the human brain. Your goal is mine: unravelling fading stills from forgotten B-films, then stopping for a few weeks to build an elaborate sandcastle. Did you really want ice cream?


Weird science is a stranger in the crowd awaiting analysis, a cocktail party problem evidencing human behaviour and mental health. Knowledge awaits, but it isn’t really proof, so next time just blame postmodernist art and dive into a dedicated neuron system. Your relation to critical thinking is not necessarily naughtiness or infantile perversion, it’s just the uncharted waters of today.


Bereft and broken, pursuing her love of science and retro-compensation, Desire recently obtained her PhD and a pile of dime-store cosmetics by watching the boy being broken, along with someone else. Her professional interests delighted in his destruction; even the absent sun was hostile.


In the video, an unseen person imagines that child stranded in rigor mortis, lying empty-handed and in state, interacting online with viewers and logic systems. We all admit now that he required reanimation rather than piano-destroying, ping-pong playing, attention-seeking neurophysiology or psychiatry. ‘Oh!’, she says, relieved and in a position to know.


Because thrift-shop paintings pack more punch, you can analyse today’s news better than participants in non-art disciplines. This argument is hollow, but at least you don’t get gallery visitors clutching a museum-issued audio-guide or phoning friends for help. Frankly though, what you’re looking at is just facile experiment – what does it really mean? Tests show you have a disease or condition.


Persuasive pleas for the survival of each system in the control of imperfection screech to a halt when you take your foot off the gas. No clear line exists between the human and non-human, but few other functioning communities are more attractive than one that will never be post-critical, ideological or apologetic.


After all, we have painstakingly constructed generations who prefer social media and a distant audience: unseen persons capable of scrutinizing a capitalist-driven world at hyperbolic speed. No wonder big data and the task of keeping up with the Joneses become more pressing every day. Rather than flee the 21st century we should drop everything in a blind panic and discuss formlessness, neurological systems and how to escape from burning buildings.


What you can see here is self-importance, routine surveillance and hypothetical emergencies fuelled by jargon language and overbearing power. Let’s stop to ask if anything can be gained by understanding digital fluidity? Deconstructed reformulation appears to overlap a lot with the old world order but you can’t pretend to articulate terms that might be linked to finally emptying the financial bucket.


Consider oxygenated blood and social engagement, distinct spheres that must be forcibly yoked together, the only difference being colour. Collaboration is the answer but what is the question? Participants had to rate how much they liked the society’s newsletter, it’s dense monographic analysis, and then help design and make large patchwork quilts to keep each other warm.


You can safely skip disruptive areas as each new day comes into focus. Final probability is taking up the action: when motor neurons slowly respond to opinion and drive home, we call it the unfinished labour of the avant-garde. The selling of luxury items has always depended upon incomprehensible sentences and surprisingly helpful sales assistants. Devotees know exactly what needs to be done and who needs to do it.


Most of this has been published before, sometimes in another form. We’ve all wished for sentences expressed in the interrogative and read selected highlights of someone else’s words; we’ve all wanted a brand new computer and more sun. Each individual must find something and start here, although one bad command and tired muscles will start moving, resulting in stigmatisation and canonisation initiated by freelance committee.


Cynical readers might worry about what is behind this new and improved well-heeled young man and this equally unlovely coda. Although we found no evidence of any relationship between modified structures and compulsive consumption, we did discover significant links between market-driven attitudes and total disruption, although analysis of this is only ever possible after a person’s death.



Sophisticated brains can teach how to increase connectivity and make a difference in your local area. Remember the benefits: your kind could become extinct. They squeezed out the consequences and costs of conservation, helped push and pull a meditational charm through sonic buffers and crazily distracted crowds, foreshadowing decline on an everyday basis.


Energy corridors exist around us, poking out of every skyscraper, escalator and electrical substation. The gods of wave frequency offer linkages in the perforated landscape to photocopied manifestos, psychedelickinesis, guitar solos, habitat loss and magical restoration. Fears and dreams are available, spat out like amphetamine zombies scouring the wilderness for polluted nightmares.


Implications for imposed opportunities at regional scales? Overgrazing non-native species, ecological fragmentation, deforestation, power damage and distortion, dripping and screaming mental detritus. In most cases it will have been a long and absolute forever, with cut-and-paste sonic attacks, grooves recalled as mind blockages and physical sensations of negative energy crawlspace.


Our vision is of revitalised wild forests in tunnels and instantaneous access for all. The basic idea is for a radio to create direct connections between endless repetition and disorienting kaleidoscopes, as well as habitat bridges with layers of electronics to ease movement through landscapes of riotous interstellar pulses opening up and closing down, still discharging audio over future decades.


Our project picks up on musical sub-genres in pursuit of analogous sonic expressions through an eighties recolonisation of former haunts, creating large-scale instant communication, and re-establishing obsessions without learning to identify the moments when rhythm tracks keep nudging scattered remnants. Scrawled lyrics offer problems and predictions as found sounds, modern technology for damaged biotic diversity.


On this hooligan island many people are at the risk of inbreeding after exposure to too much sun or dried-out punctuation. This can also be the case with everything, because our brains can’t disappear if we space-out. Your home is effectively a major road that will wind up being resurfaced throughout the late seventies, cut-off by interference as well as the effect of delay pedals and unofficial reissues.


It won’t be long before living transformation takes decades or even centuries. If reverse fragmentation makes a comeback, birds will end up in the meantime and humans will migrate from degraded runaways. Our integrated frequency project helps animals rediscover themselves whilst sci-fi film dialogue illustrates the importance of beautiful e-guitar sparkling miles away in shady conditions. Despite or because of non-monetised power and radio waves we will always be at risk of climate change.


Instrumental portals between organic wind and marine technologies can be great for biodiversity, but you may get exposed to so much more. Hallucination training involves holding your head in your hands and looking through a glittery window at the musical tides that keep our earth magnetic, before gradually linking up to multiversal crooning. If you redirect your vocals until your heartbeat intervenes then you can create a vital inner refuge.


In the first section of my new album I am simply tuning up, whilst the producer looks on anxiously as pre-recorded voices and sounds from far away are conjoined by an audio tenderizer. Matter-of-fact, megaphonic intonations constantly nurture and nourish the source, free-fall to collide with white-noise information. Audio transference is most common in the workplace but energy blockages within the body also happen in the home.


For combat thuds and nightmare percussion, imagine deep echo chambers as astounding illnesses. High-speed drum machines are not safe for people who sense intricate network frequencies. Images of therefore grind us down and stimulate a fear of dead things: there are usually stripped-down sound effects or interstellar static. The body is nothing but a gathering of space-dust and electro-magnetic pulsing.


Starlight avoidance is a safety-seeking strategy. Personal frequencies and electrical energy explore thoughts, memories, and emotions, confronting universal discomfiture in many places at once. Like escaping atmosphere in our body, sources connect with the fog of prayers all around us and the collages inside your head, in response to situations or memories. Just like other animals, we can always attack or be attacked again.


Our own depressive state connects us with all sorts of surprisingly abundant diagnostic and activating systems; we can change everything just by desiring to hear more. Focus on what to verify, filter out irrelevant things, and pay more attention as you enter your dreams, which are designed to help people access new ideas and knowledge. Bodily symptoms often sharpen as elements shift; hyperventilation can facilitate screeching lonesome guitar feedback emanating from afar.


Imagine you are a natural healer living in aerosol-sprayed woodland with serpentine bass loops eradicating layers of shadowy dreams and silvery screams. The chances of  omniscient illumination twinkling out of the deepest secrets of the universe are virtually zero. To avoid interplanetary disinformation, sit alone processing the unfathomable and paranormal, creating balance within the nearest hillside in casual obedience and halting conclusion.

RUPERT M. LOYDELL  is Senior Lecturer in the School of Writing and Journalism at Falmouth University, the editor of Stride, and a contributing editor to International Times. He has many books of poetry in print, including Dear MaryThe Return of the Man Who Has EverythingWildlife and Ballads of the Alone, all published by Shearsman. Shearsman also published his Encouraging Signs, a book of essays, articles and interviews. He has also authored many collaborative works, edited Smartarse and co-edited Yesterday’s Music Today for Knives Forks & Spoons Press, From Hepworth’s Garden Outpoems about painters and St. Ives for Shearsman, and Troubles Swapped for Something Fresh: manifestos and unmanifestos for Salt.

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