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Cluster index: Rupert M. Loydell

Awkwardness that is visible.

Rupert M Loydell: ‘Team up with the supernatural in order to escape people you once trusted.’

Three instructive texts.

Rupert M. Loydell: ‘We’ve all wished for sentences expressed in the interrogative and read selected highlights of someone else’s words; we’ve all wanted a brand new computer and more sun.’


Rupert M Loydell: Gout —’It isn’t red wine or red meat, it is excruciating pain and hobbling down the stairs. Is feeling old before one should, is finding it hard to focus on something else.’

At this moment.

Rupert M. Loydell: ‘On the other side of knowing is a hidden future but the forecast is not good. There are invisible seams in the sky and endless streams on the ground.’