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HE PLACES A piece of paper on the drawing board and a box of watercolours and a glass of water on the table beside him. Dunks his brush in the water and then in the green paint. Faces the piece of paper like a fencer. Makes four strokes and rubs his chin. Plunges his brush into the glass. Whips it out and runs its bristles against the red paint. Loops circles above the strokes. Then throws the brush to one side and picks up a thicker tipped brush. Paints brown boxes beneath the strokes.  Rinses the brush. Prods the yellow paint and covers the bottom of the picture with a series of strokes. Then sits down and sneezes. Rubs his nose on his arm. Stands up and walks over to his jumper that is lying in a ball in the corner of the room. Gives it a shake. And puts it on.

Lifts the red-tipped paintbrush. Drops it in the water and stirs it around. Pulls it out and dips it in the blue paint and paints from the top down. Then lays the paintbrush across the top of the glass and sneezes once more. Wipes his nose on the cuff of his jumper. Then snatches the brush off the top of the glass, plunges it in the water, and swirls it around and around and around. Dips his brush in the red paint. Colours in the circles and slips through the paper to the board underneath. Frowns. And screws the picture up. Trudges over to the window and crouches beneath the ledge. Picks up a fresh piece of paper, and steps back to the drawing board.

Michael Buckingham Gray is a writer and creative writing tutor. His fiction has appeared in various magazines including Meniscus and Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine. He holds a Masters of Creative Practice in Creative Writing from Curtin University in Western Australia, and has tutored at the University of Notre Dame Australia and elsewhere.

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