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Cluster index: Michael Buckingham Gray

Back to the Drawing Board.

Michael Buckingham Gray: ‘Lifts the red-tipped paintbrush. Drops it in the water and stirs it around. Pulls it out and dips it in the blue paint and paints from the top down. Then lays the paintbrush across the top of the glass and sneezes once more…’

Only Fools Rush In.

Michael Buckingham Gray: ‘He leads her through the glass doors to a table and sits her down. Fetches her a cup of coffee and makes himself one too. Swings by his desk and slips a blank sales contract under his arm. Then returns to the table and is about to sit down when another salesman walks by and asks him where the manager is.’

Blame It on the Rain.

Michael Buckingham Gray: ‘He sweeps his foot back and forth in the mud, and with every new blare of the horn, prods his bicycle forward until there are no more cyclists ahead. Pulls the helmet off the handlebars and puts it on his head. Throws a leg over his bike. Then stomps on the pedals. His front wheel kicks sideways on the first turn. And in the second, he slides the rear of his bicycle.’

More Than She Bargained For.

Michael Buckingham Gray: ‘No, I’ve lost my son.’

A woman’s best friend.

Michael Buckingham Gray: ‘The wind carries a whine. She cups her ear and follows the sound. Stops. Smiles. And shakes her head at her dog, pacing up and down the opposite side of the river.’

Men with women.

Michael Buckingham Gray: ‘The phone rings. He lets out a sigh and does not move. Recalls his wife saying she did not want anything drawn out. Studies the rug on the floor. Notices the elephants.’

Once More with Feeling.

Michael Buckingham Gray: ‘Fluorescent tubes replace the moonlight, and a bed supports him instead of a driver’s seat. A doctor looms over him.’

The More Things Change.

Michael Buckingham Gray: ‘Why can’t he just be honest?’