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Clown planning.

THIS MORNING I read some retweeted comments made by the ludicrous Ed Miliband, leader of the far-left, so-called Labour Party (I’ve taken to employing BBC style labelling to smear those people I don’t like). Idiocy can both lighten the spirits and depress them at the same time. At the moment Miliband’s idiocy is still amusing me.

I’ll stick to just one of his inanities for brevity’s sake.

“To build a 21st century economy we need all of our young people to be developing the skills necessary to compete in the world,” he says.

First of all, Mr Miliband, neither you, nor your party, nor any other party, nor any government, nor indeed any state, owns a nation’s economy. Just because all politicians and everyone in the media believe the same illusion doesn’t make it any the less an illusion.You don’t own it, control it, direct it or plan it. You interfere with it, you tinker with it, that’s all. In some cases some governments actually improve it here and there but by and large all they do is introduce problems. In the case of extreme socialist governments, such as that of Venezuela, they actually destroy it. And your party, Mr Miliband, always leave the economy worse than they found it.

Secondly, as for “building” or planning the economy, I’ll assume that despite the differences in our wealth and education, we are about equal in our ability to see into the future. That is, neither of us can. I’m sure that whatever vision you have for the twenty-first century, it won’t be the same as mine, just as I’m sure the century will turn out to be different from what both of us imagine. Given that fact, and the fact that you are in no position to plan something which is not yours and not within your power, your words are meaningless.

Thirdly, can you be more specific about these skills I keep hearing you and other politicians going on about? What are they — literacy and numeracy? being able to use Facebook while doing the accounts? knowing how to design a poster for a wind farm project? And how is it that, although you don’t know what’s going to happen in the coming century, you do know what skills our young people will need to succeed?

Fourthly (and I know you’ll be glad) finally: you’re a far left Labour man for whom competition is really anathema, so stop pretending. You’d rather plan the free market away with your price caps, wage controls, regulations and taxes. With people like you in power the only competition our young people will face will be the race to the exits.

Michael Blackburn.

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