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Cluster index: Michael Blackburn

Get on your horse.

Michael Blackburn: ‘But with the worst situation in mind — that motor vehicles will become the expensive playthings of the rich — perhaps we should look back to earlier times for a solution. The kind of greeny answer Monbiot and the like might hark back to in their desire to rewild and re-savage the country. Not railways, which are expensive to build and have limited reach, but horses.’

A right SussexRoyal® rumpus.

By MICHAEL BLACKBURN IT IS AN unwritten requirement of the modern British Royal Family to provide the public the occasional scandal or crisis. That way we get to mix deference with prurience. Without going far back in the last century they’ve done this with panache, providing us with the abdication of the weak-willed, dapper Edward […]

It’s all Greek to us common folk.

Michael Blackburn: ‘Johnson, on the other hand, has ridden victoriously over the political corpses of his opponents and emerged triumphant with a large parliamentary majority and the good prospect of a second election win in the future. Not bad for a blustering buffoon who mispronounces his Homer.’

The ‘po-faced preachiness’ of the Turner.

By MICHAEL BLACKBURN. BRITAIN’S CULTURAL ELITES seem fully determined to drive themselves into oblivion. Just a few months ago thespian luvvies, in order to fix the climate emergency, chopped off the sponsorship they were receiving from the evil capitalist oil barons. Now the arty-farties and writers have come up with the beezer jape of having […]

We’ll always have Atlee with us.

Michael Blackburn: ‘What the Attlee government ultimately did was embed a socialist mentality into the social, political and economic fabric of the country, so that even the Tories went along with enough of it to find themselves trapped by its ethos and industrial processes within a few years. The arrival of Thatcher shook things up economically but did not in reality break the post-war consensus, as the conventional narrative has it.’

The Party of Wales — but not as you know it.

Michael Blackburn: ‘Beautiful country that it is, there’s nothing in Wales between the southern and northern edges but mountains, fields and sheep. If Plaid have their way all of that will end up covered in wind turbines and solar panels as part of their fantasy Green Deal. It will be a land free of plastic, carbon neutral, of course, and a world leader in every aspect of political correctitude.’

That memory thing.

Michael Blackburn: ‘It is ironic that the internet encourages the production of the written word and images of all kinds on a ferocious twenty-four hour basis while at the same time destroying so much of it. People say that nothing is forgotten on the web but it’s not true.’

Dragged off the wokewagon.

Michael Blackburn: ‘Perhaps they’re responding to the promptings of the great Earth Mother herself (whatever happened to Gaia?) but unwittingly to her darker and more destructive side, that smothering, over-protective side that results in her devouring her own spawn.’

The Students Who Should Be Revolting

Michael Blackburn: ‘Students also should realise that the economic advantage lies with them. They are now, like it or not, consumers, and if they think they are being short changed on their education they should use their position as leverage. Universities are frightened of bad publicity, which is why they cave in after little pushing by the PC mob, but they’re more frightened of losing the money that follows each student.’

Dead Yet?

By MICHAEL BLACKBURN.   TRY THIS EXPERIMENT: if you regularly watch TV breakfast programmes and the main news in the evening count how many days there are in one week when a health or medical related story does NOT feature. Air pollution, mental health, cancer, autism, alcohol, vaping, abortion, diabetes, obesity, sugar, salt, allergies, intolerances, […]

Non-binary penguins.

Michael Blackburn: ‘Staff at London Sea Life have described Rocky and Marama as lesbian although they have provided no evidence of seeing the two in Sapphic congress or confirming they have declared their partnership via an avian partnership or same-sex marriage.’

The attack of the giant Jessies.

Michael Blackburn: ‘Every day it becomes apparent that parliament is now arrayed not just against the government but against the people. They won’t allow the government to govern and they won’t allow a general election so that we can decide who governs. Many of us would prefer to see them in a ditch than put up with their antics any more.’

The nightmare scenarios.

Michael Blackburn: ‘Greenland seems to be a grim place, rife with alcoholism, suicide and guns. Not surprising given its location and weather. Probably the best thing that could have happened to it would have been to be turned into an outpost of uber-capitalist America, with the hope of better conditions and the chance of getting out.’

What’s a proper copper?

Michael Blackburn: ‘That deliberate blurring of the boundary between private and public, between the personal and the professional, is a notable characteristic of our times. More and more we see individuals in public office using the position to display their own personal tastes or the politics of some group or class to which they belong.’

Social-justice racism.

Michael Blackburn: ‘I can’t see how this can be of benefit to ordinary people. As with all identity politics the intention is not to unite but to highlight differences and turn those differences into divisions and conflicts.’