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Cluster index: Peter Larkin

A stubble like stars.

(after Jaccottet) By PETER LARKIN. ◊ had been reading Philippe Jaccottet in French and English for many years, so was particularly moved to come across his last published poems (La Clarté Notre-Dame) in the version translated by John Taylor. I wondered whether I could work with these texts in their English form in some way […]

Trees As Lived.

Peter Larkin: ‘Any tree-total upland is tireless, swathed in indurate spoil, horizontal furling, sitka comprehensives’

Surfaces the Deeper the Oak.

Peter Larkin: ‘elementary credentials not posing this clearance as landscape,
oak chokings its non-sedimentary counter-host’
nest-racks weren’t purged for new instruments, merely
a tree’s vertical layers can be so exposed, parodied’

Contusion Not a Rind.

Peter Larkin: ‘If plantations disforested this ground, can’t now recall rails to any other amendment, amoundment―――here clearance is not even its own new cutting―――alien alignments less any foray―――unbestowed upstream influence’

Trees the Seed.

Peter Larkin: ‘How does the seed ascend to tree?     how does a tree descend from seed?      how they both pre-offer, re-predict, a participation they never seek        sudden reachables off each obliquity horizon’

As Grass Will Amend (Intend) Its Surfaces.

Peter Larkin: ‘grassings of an interior desertion    micro-stems where structural roots have been withdrawn      what is the browsing line to trees is hoof-opportunity for meadows, treads it abrasional dell, a measure of seed-craters’