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The More Things Change.

Fortnightly Fiction


SHE PUTS UP her car window and turns on the air conditioner. Stops at the lights. Turns on some music and sways side to side, happy she met some people like her. Folk struggling to get off the bottle. The lights change. She speeds up and passes the grocery store, then a row of houses. Turns left and pulls into the driveway, next to her husband’s truck. Dances to the front door. Twists the key in the lock. Finds her partner in a T-shirt and shorts watching television with a whiff of perfume about him.

‘Good evening?’ she says.

‘Okay,’ he replies, ‘if you don’t mind watching TV.’’

Her good mood evaporates. Why can’t he just be honest? She drops her head and walks into the kitchen. Dumps her handbag on the bench. Opens the fridge door and pulls out a bottle of wine.

Michael Buckingham Gray’s flash fiction has appeared in Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine, Blink-Ink, Seven by Twenty and Cuento Magazine. His debut fiction ‘And Brings Up Loose Dirt’ received a positive review in SmokeLong Quarterly, and his fiction ‘Ash falls’ was a finalist in Cuento Magazine’s Writing About Place Contest. He holds a Master of Creative Practice in Creative Writing from Curtin University and has lectured at the University of Notre Dame Australia.


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