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Pictures, with poems.

A two-generation collaboration.


with poems by



Seamless © Laura Matthias Bendoly.

O Bright façade!

Bolder, builder of Bildungsroman
Make materials gleam

Á la clé, á la Klee may be

To let it shine
Shine oh let it shine

Too sheer to climb, mountaineer!
“No man fathomed”

Or to swim

You’d drown in all that blue


Magnifica Arancia © Laura Matthias Bendoly.

Horn blast of orange from
The brass section of
A hidden orchestra –
And skitterings of woodwinds
At its edges

LAURA MATTHIAS BENDOLY  is a photographer and author of novel-length fiction. Her three fiction titles include The Estate (2015), Laerka (2017), and The Peddler of Wisdom (2018). She is best known for landscape and environmental photography shot in the Midwest, where she lives, as well as in the desert Southwest. Her work may be may be found here and here.  

JOHN MATTHIAS, a contributing editor of The Fortnightly Review, is also editor emeritus of Notre Dame Review, emeritus professor of English at Notre Dame and the author of some thirty books of poetry, translation, criticism, and scholarship. Shearsman Books published his three volumes of Collected Poems, as well as the uncollected long poem, Trigons, two more volumes of poetry, Complayntes for Doctor Neuro and Acoustic Shadows and a novel, Different Kinds of Music. Tales Tall & Short— Fictional, Factual and In Between  was published by Dos Madres in 2020 and The New Yorker recently published his widely read memoir, “Living with a Visionary.” His Fortnightly archive is here.

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