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What would a nineteenth-century general-interest periodical, with an intended audience of educated non-specialists and a studied lack of interest in both shallow political rhetoric and conventional feature journalism—and with its critical and editorial faculties intact—look like today? The answer will help us know and evaluate changes in what was once called ‘higher journalism’.


If you are a regular reader of The Fortnightly Review’s New Series, here is a simple way to support our work.

The Fortnightly Review is supported solely by its readers and by the sale of books.

Annual support. As we do not accept paid advertisements, have so far resisted employing a paywall and enjoy no formal institutional backing, your support is essential, and, at £25 (about €31 or US$29)—or £2.25 per month—an annual support subscription is reasonably priced. It’s the best way there is of maintaining our ongoing effort to extend the Fortnightly’s critical values into contemporary cultural life, support the work of writers and independent scholars, maintain this website and do our best to keep G.H. Lewes’s promise, made on 13 May 1865:

The object of THE FORTNIGHTLY REVIEW is to become the organ of the unbiassed expression of many and various minds on topics of general interest in Politics, Literature, Philosophy, Science, and Art. Each contribution will have the gravity of an avowed responsibility.

Thus, in an age of digital excess and angry polemics, we strive to offer intelligent comment for open-minded readers. If you find something here that comforts by validating an already-fixed opinion or point-of-view, it is not by editorial intent. We rarely tweet and we snark not. Absent a print version of this periodical, subscriptions equate to support—but not to a donation, for a valuable benefit is offered:

Odd VolumesBenefits of subscribing: We welcome subscribers by offering a complimentary choice of a title from our “Odd Volumes” imprint on a yearly basis. New titles are added at irregular intervals. On subscribing (and on the renewal anniversary of each subscription), you will be invited to select a title from the catalogue. The book you choose will be sent to you with no added charges for shipping. If you can’t decide on just one book, tell us which additional titles you’d like to have. We give subscribers a substantial discount on every item in the catalogue.

These links manage it all, via PayPal. All major credit/debit cards are thus accepted in complete security. Because we are in France, subject to local banking restrictions, we are unable to process donations from abroad other than through a service such as PayPal. [Our registered PayPal address is]

This link is for one-off donations:

These are subscription options:

£2.25 monthly
£25 annually

Either way, thank you for this support. We welcome all comments and suggestions. Direct them to the editors:

Just Published is the gratis editorial bulletin announcing new content in advance of publication. A bulletin subscription not a full supporting subscription — in fact, it costs us money — but it does put you on our spam-free mailing list for update bulletins. Just use the Newsletter subscription form here.

If you wish to propose an editorial contribution, please see this page.

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