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This thing of darkness.


Where will it all end? This constant pushing of single issues in the media, one thing after another, or the same thing repeatedly – the demand for equality and diversity, the attack on masculinity and men, the repeated calls for anti-racism going hand in hand with accepted racism against white people, the elevation of community as a supreme good while denying the validity or even existence of national community, the incessant, tear-soaked pleas to accept all refugees, asylum-seekers and immigrants irrespective of who they are, the envious criticism of successful businesses and the profits they make, the smug reiterations on the holiness of having no borders, the whining about Brexit and the need for a second referendum? The list goes on.

Let us pose some questions.

What happens to both individuals and society when you:

  • corrupt the education system to produce young people who are minimally literate and numerate, who have little knowledge of their own history and culture, half of whom you then send on to university and a huge debt, to receive qualifications which count for less and less in the jobs market?
  • outsource the law-making and governance of your country to a foreign political bureaucracy which is inaccessible to your citizens and whose actions are unreported by the mass media?
  • denigrate your own population and nation by accusing them of racism, sexism and all the other isms and phobias currently fashionable, while deliberately ignoring the country’s great achievements that have benefited the whole world?
  • promote the cultures and religious practices of minority communities as more than equal to your own, and start giving them special treatment?
  • think that open borders are a blueprint for universal peace?
  • insist on having every grouping of society “represented” proportionately in the media, on your boards, in your workplace, etc, without having any proof that this will improve productivity or efficiency?
  • deny, against common sense, reality and science, that there are only two sexes?
  • encourage children, who are too young to have any idea about anything, to start thinking about their gender, and to consider “transitioning” if they feel uncomfortable with their identity?
  • promote the notion that heterosexuality is bad and that anything non-hetero is not just good but somehow preferable or superior?
  • attack men and masculinity as “toxic” while at the same time cheering on representations of women in the media who have taken on those toxic masculine characteristics?
  • encourage men to behave and look more like women?
  • allow your children to be raped and abused for decades by people of a different culture and are afraid to draw attention to it lest someone call you racist?
  • draw your mainstream media from the same political educational, social and political milieu and unashamedly promote all of this agenda as gospel and dismiss or smear any opposing views as “right wing” or “far right”?
  • incessantly call for higher taxation on individuals when the evidence shows once you reach a certain limit the tax take drops?
  • imply that making profits is an evil?
  • keep demanding the state take more control over what we can say, think, read, write, listen to, wear, eat and drink?
  • automatically assume everyone is unconsciously prejudiced and subject them to ridiculous implicit bias tests?
  • start defining every bit of adolescent disruptive behaviour as a medical condition requiring treatment?

I have yet to hear anyone come up with any thoughts about what the consequences of these demands will be in the real world either short or long term.

I have yet to hear anyone come up with any thoughts about what the consequences of these demands will be in the real world either short or long term. The assumption appears to be that if we just implement them everything will turn out magically OK. The biggest silence descends from those highly educated, intelligent folk in government, academia, the arts and media.

Just on the open borders nonsense, for example: I think this trend is today’s equivalent of the postwar no nukes, nuclear disarmament movement. Unlike that movement, however, which naive as it was at least may have added political pressure to securing various non-proliferation treaties, the no borders trend is just as naive, has already led to civil disturbance and would guarantee massive social disruption within a very short space of time if implemented. It has absolutely no redeeming features except for the chance it gives our moral supremos to polish their halos once again. Those who advocate it share the same view as the no nukes brigade that if only we enlightened, globally-aware liberal types showed how wonderful and peaceful we are by throwing our nations open to all and sundry then the rest of the benighted world would embrace with us with love and gratitude. As opposed to seeing us as weak, servile, spineless, enfeebled grovellers who deserve to be taken advantage of. I recall the Nazis were very keen on disregarding (other peoples’) national borders.

Behind these demands is a bewildering misunderstanding of human nature. Either that or it’s a deliberate ignoring of it. Maybe what underlies it is a residue of the outdated belief in the blank-slate view of the human mind, that nature counts for nothing and nurture is everything, that humanity then is infinitely malleable and, given the right people with the correct views (that’ll be them, not us), can be moulded accordingly.

At the moment the situation is one of atomisation and fragmentation. But, disparate as all these idiocies are, if you put them together you have the left’s New Promethean society. I was going to say the New Man, a concept so beloved by both fascist and communists in the twentieth century, but these days “man” is unacceptable, so it would have to be something gender neutral. Maybe the New Neuter society.

It would be a monster, that’s for sure: a society of semi-educated youngsters so sensitive they’re afraid of mere words, who loathe their own country and weep for it to become a satrapy in a decaying European bureaucracy; a society whose towns and cities increasingly divide themselves on religious and ethnic grounds, distrustful of each other; a society driven by baseless impositions of gender quotas that ride over concerns for competence or justice; a society which, for all its vaunted individualism, reduces its citizens to economic serfs subservient in all their actions to the state, burdened with useless rights and relieved of personal responsibilities. Welcome to the new, thoroughly modern, progressive, high-tech serfdom.

It’s a thing of darkness. It’s not as if we haven’t already seen its predecessors. It’s the coalescence of the left’s primary impulses (ironically supported by many well-meaning people) into an anti-human monster. One thing we do know: the left will never acknowledge this thing of darkness as their own. Even when the monster starts to tear itself apart, they’ll lay the blame on someone else.

Currente Calamo columnist, poet and writer Michael Blackburn lives in Lincolnshire. His poetry has appeared in numerous publications and anthologies over the years, including Being Alive (Bloodaxe) and Something Happens, Sometimes Here (Five Leaves Press). His most recent book is Albion Days (perennisperegrinator press).


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