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The great liberal death wish meets the great Islamic death cult.

OUTSIDE THE BATACLAN theatre, another scene of Islam’s atrocities, the citizens of Paris laid flowers, notes, pictures and candles. They were soon joined by Davide Martello (aka Klavierkunst), who on hearing of the massacre had shoved his piano in his van and driven all the way from Konstanz in Germany “to try and comfort,” he said, “to offer a sign of hope” to the grieving masses.

Mr Martello makes this a hobby of his, driving to conflict zones and playing the piano: he’s already played in Kiev, Istanbul and Paris earlier this year. He’s made such “a contribution to European cooperation and the promotion of common values” that the EU Parliament has awarded him a European Citizen’s Prize.

When he arrived in Paris he played John Lennon’s “Imagine”. It’s melodically pleasant but lyrically vapid and thus in keeping with the marshmallow minds of western lIberals. It’s “Yeah, just imagine all the bad stuff away, man, and, like, it all disappears, because we’re all really the same and love is all you need.” The citizens of Paris should be grateful Russell Brand didn’t also turn up to bless them with his inanities.

The liberal intelligentsia vigorously promote this weirdly de-Christianised Christianity that’s…a tearful, self-pitying, intellectually dishonest passivity.

The liberal intelligentsia vigorously promote this weirdly de-Christianised Christianity that’s been pumped through the sludge of secular hip psychology to produce a tearful, self-pitying, intellectually dishonest passivity. Evasion of the truth is paramount. Diversion of guilt is essential. Avoidance of strong Western cultural beliefs is forbidden.

It’s a development of the Great Liberal Death Wish described by Malcolm Muggeridge decades ago. His visit to the Soviet Union before the war had opened his eyes to the murderous delusion of socialism and disabused him of his previous political beliefs, the “jejune hopes” of peace through a universal brotherly life and so on.

It left him bemused by “the extraordinary performance of the liberal intelligentsia, who, in those days, flocked to Moscow like pilgrims to Mecca” and couldn’t see the reality in front of them. Well, the intellectuals today don’t flock to Moscow any more but they certainly nod towards Mecca in their obeisance to the orthodoxy of not causing offence.

“I could never henceforth regard the intelligentsia as other than credulous fools,” wrote Muggeridge, “who nonetheless became the media’s prophetic voices, their heirs and successors remaining so still.” As it was then so it is now, and we are still sleepwalking into our own ruin, with the intelligentsia pointing the way.

It is not so much a devotion to the overt cause of socialism…but more a cultural addiction to a cocktail of politically correct superstitions.

Now it is not so much a devotion to the overt cause of socialism in its various zombified forms (unless you’re one of the Corbyn crowd of the living dead) but more a cultural addiction to a cocktail of politically correct superstitions. We mustn’t feel anger or rage, the priests of passivity intone, because they’re bad emotions. We mustn’t get all patriotic and say out loud what it is we believe in. We mustn’t be passionate about our values. We mustn’t think that violence can be quelled by violence. And we mustn’t think we’re better than anyone else, even the barbarians who slaughter our young people having a good time on a Friday night.

What is frightening is that this Great Liberal Death Wish is now encountering the Great Islamic Death Cult. Flowers, candles, declarations of “solidarity”, and the phoney philosophy of popular songs will do nothing against men with murder in their hearts and Kalashnikovs in their hands. None of this simpering slop promoted by the liberal establishment will do anything to protect me, my family, my grandchildren, my friends or my countrymen from the barbarians. As Machiavelli correctly said, there is no contest between a man who is armed and one who is not – and he spoke from personal experience. We need to be armed in all ways possible against this enemy.

The barbarians want to kill us and the credulous fools are acting as if we should let them. They have no right to surrender on our behalf. This has to stop, because the barbarians can only win if we give up fighting them.

Michael Blackburn.

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