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A wild dream of independent England.

WORKING ON THE assumption that the Union is inevitably doomed because Scotland will at some stage in the not-too-distant future become an independent nation I suggest we save ourselves a lot of blood, sweat, toil, tears and cash by doing the following to ensure the future success of England as soon as possible.

At this election, then, people should vote Labour or for any party that will make it impossible for the Tories to form the next government. Labour will then have to come to an agreement with the SNP to install itself in Westminster.

The results will be twofold.

The first is that Labour will pursue its traditional (and only) policy, ie tax, borrow and spend beyond its limits. This will produce the usual effects, ie unemployment, and economic and financial stagnation or collapse. Immigration will continue at current levels and add to growing ethnic and religious tensions. Austerity will vanish overnight because it will be replaced with a shiny, happy thing called “investment for our future”, otherwise known as immense debt. Everything will be fine and any bad stuff that happens will be blamed on Margaret Thatcher. Unfortunately, after the initial euphoria of having put an end to nasty Tory austerity has dissipated, the country will not be a happier place.

The second result will be a growing resentment in England of the Scottish influence on national and English affairs. Miliband will be seen to be weak because he will have to dance to the SNP’s tune in order to stay in power. Even the normally phlegmatic denizens of England will start to get restive. There are already enough people who are identifying themselves as English rather than British.

Scottish independence is the vanity project of the politicians and the delusion of the SNP fanatics.

Despite the greater autonomy the Scots will get from keeping Labour in power, they won’t be satisfied until they eventually gain full independence. Independence is the vanity project of the politicians and the delusion of the SNP fanatics. By this stage the English will be glad to be rid of them. We’ll all be happy.

ONCE THAT HAPPENS, given the deteriorating economic situation, Labour are sunk. They won’t be able to scrape enough seats together in England to form a government. And the Scots won’t care once they’re independent because they will have surrendered their sovereignty to the EU.

Let’s assume that Wales have also succumbed to the separatist virus and followed Scotland into the undemocratic embrace of the EU. So goodbye Cymru, with all your Labour seats and your Plaid MPs led by someone who doesn’t even speak your language. As for Northern Ireland, perhaps as the only unionist part of the provinces it has remained loyal. Good for them, they will reap the economic benefits.

A Tory government will take over with the possibility of an indefinite reign. Such a government will be able to apply a semblance of economic sense to the country, by lowering taxes, encouraging private enterprise, reducing unemployment, etc. The economy will revive and thrive.

With less Europhiliac propagandising from the left to worry about and the possibility that more pressure could be brought to bear on federalist MPs, the chances of withdrawing from the EU would be greater, thus restoring sovereignty to an English parliament and allowing English businesses to expand their global trade more vigorously.

A renewed focus on England (as opposed to Britain), aggravated by years of Scottish truculence and final independence will lead to a resurgence in English patriotism, a revitalised self-confidence and sense of national pride. Just what the left hates. They’ll hate it even more when England powers ahead as a modern, vibrant and successful economy while Scotland stumbles on its unreconstructed way to the dreich utopia of state socialism. Followed by Wales.

To make this happen as soon as possible, though, we need to have a Labour government. Re-electing a Tory coalition will only extend the pain. How ironic.

Michael Blackburn.

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  1. wrote:

    Totally agree. England needs to be Independent. Britain is only powerful and Great because of England and that is the truth…… The Celtic countries that are part of this Union. Wales, Scotland,and Northern Ireland, are all subside junkies and contribute very little to the Economy as compared to England which is practically all the Industry of Britain. Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Land Rover, BAE Systems, Bentley, ect. The Celtic nations of the Union have none of the Industrial Might that England has. It seems to me that the Union is only hold in place because of people wanting to erase England as a construct as well as diminish its place in the modern world as well as for lazy azz Celts to take advantage of England’s “fruits of thy labor”

    Saturday, 25 April 2015 at 10:13 | Permalink

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