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Why did NPR’s Michele Norris stop to tweet instead of running for the plane?

By ANDREW FERGUSON [Commentary] – Tweets appear in the order they’re received, so I was able to work my way down my “timeline” to see what my Twitter comrades had been up to through the week. Here at the top was a tweet sent only seconds before from Michele Norris, the NPR host. “Chicago is so majestic,” she wrote. I was drawn up short. Chicago? Michele is in Chicago? I should mention that I don’t know Michele Norris.  I wouldn’t recognize her if she sat on me. Yet here in the unheated waiting room I found myself wondering why she would be in Chicago. I didn’t wonder very long, however, because instantly another tweet popped up. Michele had the Twitter bug this morning!

“Everybody at an airport is living for the clock,” she pointed out. That was a clue: Michele must be traveling. “And yet you can never find one when you need to check the time. Why? Why? Why?” It’s a good, tough question, the kind we journalists are trained to ask. But if Michele was worried about being late and missing her plane, I thought, why had she stopped rushing to her gate long enough to type a tweet about being late and missing her plane? Why why why?

I’ll never know. This was the last I heard from Michele.

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