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· The art of entitlement.

By TONER QUINN [The Journal of Music] – The arts are a breeding-ground for entrepreneurs. It is second-nature to the scene because it is full of creative, passionate people, consumed by a need to create. Many of the great arts enterprises that we have today are the result of a small group of people with a lot of passion and very little money. For funding in the past, they made do with volunteerism, private support from business and the good will of the public. With an increase in state funding for the arts however, many arts initiatives of the last decade and more have grown up entirely under the wing of an arts funding body, and are heavily reliant upon it, seemingly interminably. The result is that, for all their positive aspects, arts funding bodies today are actually blunting the entrepreneurial skills of creative people.

This is not an argument for the dismantling of state arts funding, though plenty of ideologues would wish it to be. Rather, it suggests that arts funding bodies need to be better equipped to deal with ambitious enterprise growth, and the real capabilities of artists.

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