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Cluster index: Peter Robinson


Peter Robinson: ‘‘We must not expend all our limited resources
trying to make water flow uphill.’

Bench Marks.

Peter Robinson: ‘If you give me a piece of your mind
— one looking or formed like
a school desk fissured with inscriptions’…

Inland Seagulls.

Peter Robinson: ‘Then their cries, redoubled at dawn,
recall for me a single seagull
drunkenly veering’

Given Up.

Peter Robinson: Stuck in traffic, the Mercedes taxi
still beside a bus stop
with some moments’ poor reception’…

Die Neue Sachlichkeit.

Peter Robinson: Left here, outside a fitting room,
I’m suddenly aware
that the women swarming round me’…

That Inclement March.

Peter Robinson: ‘we were following the plough’s tractor tracks
in slushy ice where a salting of snow
here, as it fell, picked them out in white shadow
like dust …’

Peter Robinson: Six new poems.

Peter Riley: ‘Peter engages us with moments and passages of his life, quite ordinary ones for the most part, calmly retailed in a language which can carry extensive implications. He does other things too, but I think these six poems particularly demonstrate his qualities as a poet of domesticity, and how much more than that he becomes as the poems pursue their courses.’