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Cluster index: Peter Knobler

Master Ru.

Peter Knobler: ‘I heard Master Ru begin on this new visitor as he had on me, and I felt a little less wimpescent when her guttural noises began.’

The Right Side of the Diamond.

Peter Knobler: ‘Matt was a stalwart in a continuing pickup game with a fifty-year history and a rotating roster of regulars on Fire Island, a barrier beach about a quarter-mile wide that lay a quick ferry ride due south of mainland Long Island. No cars were permitted on the Fire Island National Seashore; the major means of transportation was bicycle.’

Walking while white.

Peter Knobler: ‘I heard footsteps and could feel a looming presence behind me, but I was hungry and I couldn’t eat this thing properly while moving. I stopped to take a bite, bending at the waist so as not to get tahini sauce on my jacket.’

Who is Bruce Springsteen?

Peter Knobler: ‘Senator and former presidential candidate John Kerry says, “There’s an authenticity about Bruce that’s just incontrovertible…I think it’s because he’s so true to who he is, and people know it.” But who is he? Is he the egalitarian liberal who sang the radical anti-private-property verse of Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land” at President Barack Obama’s first inaugural, or is he the guy who allowed his band to be low-balled when offered contracts for a highly anticipated and financially rewarding “reunion tour”?’