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Cluster index: Khaled Hakim

‘Last kind words.’

Peter Riley: ‘The song was recorded in 1930 in a makeshift studio in Grafton, Wisconsin, and issued by Paramount Records as‘ Last Kind Words Blues’ on one side of a 78 rpm shellac disc with the musician’s name given as “Geeshie Wiley”. It’s not a simple lyric. It’s not about slavery, but slavery is there in it. It’s about the victims of war, but forgets that and after verse four goes off into transferable formulae (floating verses).’

Three gardens and a dead man.

Khaled Hakim: ‘this singing is a Brooderz whale tracking sardeenes a ded metafor in mysteerius deeps/did yoo tel me – This is dedd – yes its dedd, deed as Anglo Saxon’