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Cluster index: Jonathan Gorvett

We need to talk about Vladimir.

Jonathan Gorvett: The current conflict is also even sometimes described as a ‘proxy war’ between Russia and the US — even though the former country is directly involved and indeed, is actually the invading, war-starting party.’

In Famagusta.

Jonathan Gorvett: ‘The ultimate Cyprob ‘beginning’ can even be Mesozoic. While ‘Turkish’ north of Cyprus is dominated by jagged, igneous uplift – really part of the ‘Turkish’ Anatolian mainland, forty odd miles away to the north – the ‘Greek’ south’s Troodos range is a more worn-down ophiolite, its rock, mud and shale mass long separated from the northern peaks by a shallow sea – today’s plain of Mesaoria, onto which Famagusta now backs.’

Arabia Felix.

Jonathan Gorvett: ‘In Dubai, and the UAE more generally, a further aspect to this consists of the fact that the largest corporations and the government are essentially the same thing. The boards of all the big enterprises – typically in oil and gas, construction and real estate – also consist of the same people who constitute the ruling families of the “government”.’

‘In Djibouti…’ and ‘Angel of Hulme’

Jonathan Gorvett: ”This strange ourobouros 
with the phatic promise of the zealot
the indecent suggestion of the martyr
the bad joke of the memoirist.’