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Cluster index: Johanna Higgins

Four new poems.

Johanna Higgins” ‘Not only the coolness of breath,
But the fluid fall of sleep now
Lies uneven against the mist.
That was a look, a gentle movement.’

‘Ghost’ and six more new poems.

By JOHANNA HIGGINS. . 1.Ghost. IT’S THE BREATHING out that kills The drawing in throughout The love that spills. The reddened love That Turns and tears At flesh, at Some adhesion, Where the blood meets Ghost and reason. Untitled: 2. AS DUST LIES, So The thrill of fleshful things Has moved. Lost In the desire […]

A half-dozen poems.

Johanna Higgins: ‘What of the earth?
It cannot love alone.
What of the terrible ferocity of leaves that fall so deadly calm that nothing breathes?
What of the earth?’