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Index: Literary & Art Magazine Archive

Small Magazines.

Ezra Pound: ‘The value of fugitive periodicals “of small circulation” is ulti­ mately measured by the work they have brought to press. The names of certain authors over a space of years, or over, let us say, the past score years, have been associated with impractical publication.’

Desnos and Warsh.

David Rosenberg: ‘Lewis finds the root note in Night of Loveless Nights at the tender bottom of its surrealist chords: “lover/ whose pain never dies.” I think we first heard it in our own neighborhood from Ted Berrigan, who might translate dream for pain.’

The Old Man.

Robert Coover: as for the children they wished him dead they wished the birds dead the old man dead
the bread dead all that was easy what was dead they swung in the swings had fights ran

Two poems.

Lawrence Markert: Ripeness knows what it sees; youth sees / what it does not know, an angel swimming across our eyes in rescue.

An Encounter.

Robert Coover: here’s what happened it was pretty good

A Morning.

William Stafford: “A Morning,” a poem from The Little Magazine (London), 1972.


Ann Lauterbach: “Ocean,” a poem from The Little Magazine (London), April, 1972.