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An Englishman at the first modern Olympics, 1896.

G. S. Robertson: ‘Who, who was present there, does not wish that he may once again be permitted to behold it? After the ode had been recited and the olive-branches presented, everyone’s first desire must have been for a repetition of the whole. The feeling of absolute entrancement with the beauty of the sight, the rapture of sensation, and the joy of recollection, which overmastered all who shared in this spectacle, found vent in ardent wishes that the Olympian games should be reserved to dignify Athens and to be glorified by her glory.’

Poetry Parnassus 2012: a further note.

Peter Riley: Some 10,000 poems on slips of card have been rained over London by helicopter. This enterprise was the work of Chileans, who last did it to celebrate the imprisonment of Pinochet. I could have thought of a number of politicians and newspaper moguls whose imprisonment could have been celebrated in this way but unfortunately they haven’t yet been caught.

Event: Poetry Parnassus. London 26 June – 1 July 2012.

The world’s most exciting poets, rappers, spoken word artists, singers and storytellers are gathering for this huge event that will make history as the largest poetry festival ever staged in the UK. Including a sidebar on Hungarian poetry.

Event: Independent Press Day in Leicester, 17 March 2012.

[From the announcement online] – Seventy writers, mostly from the East Midlands, will be reading from their work at ‘States of Independence’, an events programme at the Clephan Building, De Montfort University, Oxford Street, Leicester, on 17 March 2012. The event also features participants from independent publishers and writing organisations staffing bookstalls and displaying their […]

Event: Reading from translations in N17, on 24 March 2012.

‘Anthony Howell at Home’ is the name of an afternoon performance of readings by Deborah Dawkin, Rosalind Harvey and Anthony Howell of work by Lars Ramslie, Juan Pablo Villa Lobos, and Fawzi Karim at The Room in London N17, on Saturday, 24 March 2012, from 3pm to 6pm.

Event: Raymond Tallis – The Francis Bacon Lecture, 29 February 2012.

Since the brain is an evolved organism, Neuromania leads to Darwinitis, the assumption that, since Darwin demonstrated the biological origins of the organism Homo sapiens, we should look to evolutionary theory to understand what we are now; that our biological roots explain our cultural leaves. In fact, we belong to a community of minds that has developed over the hundreds of thousands of years since we parted company from other primates.

Postmodernism at the V&A.

Glenn Adamson: My argument is that as the central movement (or phenomenon) in art and design history, postmodernism had indeed run its course by the late 1980s. By this time, exhaustion had settled in around the term – which had perhaps suffered from overuse – and there was also a good deal of anger about corporate applications of the style and ideas associated with it, e.g. the AT&T Building.

• Weekend events: Chicago and London. Publishing and Pub Rock.

At Dingwalls, 13 November 2011 – In November of 1971, New York City band Eggs Over Easy made their last appearance at the legendary Tally Ho Pub in Kentish Town. The Eggs are credited by Elvis Costello with jump-starting the “Pub Rock” movement of the early Seventies.

• Archimedes’ palimpsest, buoyed by history, floats into view in Baltimore.

Considering the Archimedes palimpsest’s filthy, abused condition upon arrival at the Walters in 1999, and its mysterious travels of nearly 800 years, including a stretch in the hands of forgers, it’s a surprise the irreplaceable relic is much of anything. But thanks to more than 10 years of painstaking conservation efforts, the palimpsest now looks, well, hardly new, but certainly pretty good for all it’s been through.

• Putting a scholarly value on a signed Ripper murder.

The five murders displayed a similarity in technique and came to be referred to as the “canonical” Ripper murders—though there have been plenty of noncanonical ones, committed before and after, that might be the work of the same hand. Some Ripperologists include the 1907 Camden Town murder in North London; others maintain that Jack the Ripper left England after the Whitechapel killings, and that murders committed in South America bear his “signature.”

• Event: Poetry reading at The Room, London N17, 17 September 2011.

A poetry reading, in conjunction with the exhibition ‘Abstraction’, will be staged at The Room, London N17, at 7:30pm on 17 September 2011. The poets reading: Vincent Dachy, Fiona Templeton, and Anthony Howell. The exhibition includes work by Bonvin/Eden, Anthony McCall, Stephen Mallaghan, Yuko Shiraishi, Paul Sibbering, Amikam Toren, Gera Urkom and Mark Williams.

Blasting beyond Britain.

Andrew Thacker: Vorticism has been understood as the only significant avant-garde art movement that emerged in Britain in the years immediately prior to the First World War, a period when many artistic ‘-isms’ emerged across continental Europe, including Cubism, Futurism, and Post-Impressionism. It was only with the publication of the modernist little magazine BLAST, in 1914, and the First Vorticist Exhibition at the Doré Galleries in London in 1915, that a similarly aggressive and confrontational art movement appeared on British shores, led by the self-styled ‘enemy’ painter and writer, Percy Wyndham Lewis. With Vorticism abstract modern art had arrived in Britain.

• Event: Dinah Roe at the British Library: The Rossettis in America, 17 August.

Event topic: The Rossettis in America. ‘Within a generation of their first arrival in Great Britain the Rossettis had become extraordinarily renowned and influential in the artistic and literary circles of the day. Altogether less well known is the role played by America in the lives of this prolific family, from William Rossetti’s championing of Walt Whitman to the family’s dealings with the Mormon community in Utah.’

• Event: If you ‘Take a Trollope’ on holiday, it won’t matter where you go.

This August we are holding a Barchester Towers Summer Read

· Event: WILCO’s Solid Sound in the Berkshires, 24-26 June 2011.

At the heart of Solid Sound is a sense of collaboration, where a band can join forces with a museum, a comedian can perform against a backdrop of boundary-pushing works of art, and festival attendees of all ages can be entertained and inspired by three days of exciting, eclectic artistic expression.