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April 2019. She went to the hospital for an infection.




in her eye, eating her tears.

Cosmic triangulation,
very long baseline interferometry,
took years to refine.

The telescopes had to be upgraded
to capture the right kinds of light.
Researchers needed to install atomic
clocks precise enough to
match up their observations down
to the microsecond.
Supercomputers had to become
orders of magnitude
more powerful

to process the mountains
of data collected.

Ferns grow out
of a staircase. Cobwebs cover
the windows, rubble
from collapsed ceilings litters

the floor, the walls are covered in damp.

Baby home alone for 15 hours
so she could go out with her
friends in Wind Street.
The 18-month-old baby was found
by social workers alone
at the property heavily soiled
and with a sore bottom.
What was clear was she
was having contact with her
former partner, as there was evidence
of a personalised cake.

She has now lost her son
who has gone to adopted parents
and it will remain that way.

Thos. Smith-Daly, a pseudonym, has worked in journalism as a writer and editor for a half-century. Smith-Daly’s ‘Quotidian verse’ are assembled from clipped fragments found in various news sources.

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