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Double-stink of Cologne.


IT’S A DOUBLE stink. The first rises from the deliberate mass violation of women in Cologne by Muslim immigrants on New Year’s Eve. Yes, I’m afraid, the police figures are in, and all those arrested were of “migrant” background and all members of the religion of peace.

The second comes the political and media establishment in Germany and elsewhere, firstly in delaying reports about the events and then trying to avoid identifying the culprits, for fear of appearing racist. 

Cologne’s mayor, Henriette Reker, caught by surprise by the violent ingratitude of one of the progressives’ chosen victim groups, could only blabber about the need for women to keep an arm’s distance between themselves and the general population of rapists, ie, men, and to move in groups when in public. Not just the wrong thing for anyone, especially a woman, to say, but also an embarrassingly obvious display of a complete misunderstanding of the situation.

To the PC left, the real victims are also complicit in racism since they unanimously described their attackers as of Arab or North African appearance.

Professional commentators of the PC cult in Britain added to the stink when after spending a few days bringing their colossal intellects to bear on events they delivered their verdicts: religion and ethnicity had nothing to do with it, and if you reported the truth about the shared religion of the perpetrators it would inflame the beast of right-wing populism — because the people are racist. This means that the real victims are also complicit in racism since they unanimously described their attackers as of Arab or North African appearance. Surely they should just have said they were men, then the guardians of public morality wouldn’t have had to perform such Jesuitical contortions to make the truth disappear up its own rear end.

“Let’s not shy away from asking hard questions about the Cologne attacks” says the headline to Gaby Hinsliff’s article in the Guardian – before doing just that. Hinsliff takes the standard route — that the real problem is the racism of the natives, which must be stifled at every turn. Mass immigration is inevitable and ineluctable and the natives will have to get used to it. And besides, why should Ukip and others use this as an excuse to demand we leave the EU — “just in case a few immigrants are sexually aggressive”.

Hinsliff turns this into a question of racism. It’s not. It’s a question of religious, and therefore cultural, conflict. At no point does the word “Muslim” or “Islam” turn up in her article. An article that purports to be honest about tackling a “confusing” question and yet avoids confronting the root of it is worthless. Islam is the common denominator here, not race, and that explains the prevarification.

HINSLIFF ISN’T THE only one, of course, to indulge in such casuistry. Deborah Orr picks up the few bad eggs cliche — “how could anyone possibly imagine that among a million people from anywhere there wouldn’t be some proportion of nasty, sleazy misogynists?” after introducing the other favoured evasion — “a general criminal-justice climate that struggles to treat sexual crime with the seriousness and urgency it warrants.” Ah, so you see, it’s not really the fault of the criminals, it’s the system, and immigrants understand so well that sexual assault will not be treated seriously, so why not take a punt?

What Orr doesn’t see is that the same group also knows that the leftist intelligentsia to which she belongs will act as their apologists and come up with any excuse to avoid the truth. Again it’s the hypersensivity of the western establishments to Islam that’s at the core: not racism, not even immigration in general. Imagine if these attacks had been carried out by white European immigrants. Do you think for one moment there would have been the delay in reporting them and the hypocritical cognitive dissonance that followed?

MerkelThat includes the likes of Laurie Penny, who repeats the same diversionary  “it’s the patriarchy” meme as Hinsliff and Orr while also making it a little bit about herself – “Personally, I just love it when random men on the internet tell me what my feminism should like, because gosh, you know, this whole resisting oppression thing is really hard sometimes and it’s great to have people who know what they’re talking about take over for me so I can get on with the ironing.” Somehow that evil old imperialist patriarchy keeps trundling along despite Ms Penny’s efforts — and without her doing the ironing.

And finally, because this engagement with the zombie left is draining the life force out of me, I’ll end with J K Rowling, who added her tweet’s worth by referring to Musa Okwonga’s blog post: “The best comment I’ve read on the Cologne attacks, written by a black man of African descent living in Germany.” Bingo! Two PC points at once: ethnic and of immigrant descent: he must be right.

So with what insights does Mr Okwonga astound us? None is the answer. He reminds us of the awfulness of male treatment of women globally, which is irrelevant. And he recounts the unpleasantness of racism against people such as himself in Germany, which is also irrelevant. Then he says, “Why don’t we just start with the premise that it is a woman’s fundamental right, wherever she is in the world, to walk the streets and not be groped. “ Has he really not perceived that this already is a premise on which western societies operate, hence the outcry over the assaults?

Apparently not. This is the kind of kindergarten level of thinking that Ms Penny accuses the rest of us operating at.

Similar though smaller scale assaults took place in Zurich, Helsinki, Hamburg, Salzburg and Stuttgart. All of which is dead news since the media have dropped the topic as too dangerous…

Since Cologne, of course, we have learnt similar though smaller scale assaults took place in Zurich, Helsinki, Hamburg, Salzburg and Stuttgart. All of which is dead news since the media have dropped the topic as too dangerous and resumed their earlier job of producing pro-immigrant propaganda. It’s back to plucky refugees in boats. Much safer.

So much then for these anti-women feminists. They are apologists for a religion that not only despises women and subjugates them to second class status but also violates and murders them. They are advocates for a belief system that attacks the very principles which provides them with the money, education, freedom and opportunity to preen themselves in public on your impeccable correctness.

In order to protect their ideological sensitivity towards a particular religion they are willing to sacrifice the safety of women across Europe. The stink of their hypocrisy is appalling.

suxcoverCurrente Calamo columnist, poet, writer and lecturer Michael Blackburn lives in Lincolnshire . From 2005–2008 he was the Royal Literary Fund fellow at the University of Lincoln where he now teaches English Literature and Creative Writing. His poetry has appeared in numerous publications and anthologies over the years, including Being Alive (Bloodaxe) and Something Happens, Sometimes Here (Five Leaves Press). His most recent collection is Spyglass Over The Lagoon. A selection of his Fortnightly Currente Calamo columns, Sucks To Your Revolution: Annoying The Politically Correct (US), is available as a Kindle ebook.

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