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Sweden’s liberal death wish.

NO SOONER HAD I received a copy of Eric Zemmour’s book, Le suicide francais, detailing the self-inflicted, progressive decay of France since 1968, than I heard more news that Sweden was beating not just France but the whole of Europe in its crusade to be the first civilised country to destroy itself.

The Friday before Christmas a group of ten “young men” (as the media like to call them, though everyone knows it’s code for immigrants) poured inflammable liquid over four or five police cars outside a police station in Farsta, a suburb of Stockholm, and set them alight. As an added insult they barricaded the door of the station so the cops inside couldn’t get out.

Not long before this a couple of car bombs went off in the Rosengard district of Malmö. Nobody claimed responsibility and the authorities were at a loss for an explanation.

AS IT TURNS out these are not uncommon incidents in Sweden. Bombings, beatings, riots and rapes have become an ordinary part of life in certain areas of the country. I have to say right away that although I am a fan of the various tv versions of Wallander, I have little respect for the Swedish police who appear to be, to put it gently, a bunch of pussies when it comes to the hard stuff. Just as the first response of their British counterparts to the riots of 2011 was to stare at the mob then run away (before being told it was actually their job to make the criminals run away), so they scatter as soon as the molotovs start flying.

Little of this washes up into the mainstream media in Britain where the myth of the Nordic Nirvana is still touted by the left as the ultimate panacea to every social ill. Even the fortnight of rioting in the Husby suburb of Stockholm in 2013, during which cars were set alight and properties smashed, only made it into the news because it went on so long. A previous spree of rioting in Rinkeby was too short to make any impression on the media.

What we also fail to hear about is the increased antisemitism of the country and the stratospheric rape count. Anti-Jewish attacks, always exacerbated during the frequent flare-ups between Israel and Gaza, have increased to the point that many Jews in Malmő, for instance, are leaving. And Sweden, that gender-neutral haven of sexual equality, is now the rape capital of Europe and second only to Lesotho globally.

Clearly, something is rotten in the state of Sweden. Which is a great disappointment since for many of us it used to be a land of saunas, schnapps and clogs; of big, sensible cars that could get you across frozen rivers and through snowdrifts; blonde beauties called Agnetha and Helga who would frolic naked with you beside the lakes, beneath the trees. A country of both individual liberty and collective responsibility, a country that was somehow so wealthy it could afford to take most of your salary in tax to pay for fabulous education and healthcare, but still leave you enough to buy the hideously expensive booze you needed to dull the sense of ecstasy from living in such a utopia.

Death chess.BUT WHAT BEGAN as self-flagellation with birch twigs in saunas has turned into a permanent orgy of self-lacerating loathing. Anders Borg, the Finance minister, interviewed on a trip to Lagos in 2013, expressed a desire for Sweden to become more like Africa, more colourful, more multicultural. Actually, it was worse than that: he wanted the whole of Europe to be like that. Nobody asked him if he had Lesotho in mind as a model.

And therein lies the problem. The Swedish political elite (and obviously a large part of the population) have imbibed so deeply of the progressive Kool-Aid and now despise their own culture so much they are importing increasing numbers of immigrants and refugees to change it. Unfortunately for them, too many of these immigrants are proving less than grateful for the housing, education, welfare and freedom from persecution foisted upon them. Hence their recourse to Jew-baiting, riots, bombs, car burnings and rapes (because, yes, the majority of rapes are committed by Muslim immigrants on indigenous white females).

The French establishment may have punished M Zemmour for his book by sacking him from his job on the news channel i-Télé but at least he can continue to discuss these matters in public with other journalists and intellectuals. That’s not the case in Sweden, where a suffocating conformity of consensus makes sure nothing is discussed. And there are still enough citizens in France to take to the streets to make their feelings known about the assault on national identity. In Sweden it’s the ingrates who take to the streets, while the docile citizenry sit at home berating themselves for their awful racism.

The insanity of this consensus is now backed up by political chicanery. The Sweden Democrats, the new party representing disaffected Swedes (and thus duly labelled “right-wing”, “racist”, etc) secured 14% of the seats in parliament but has been deliberately frozen out of any participation in the political process by the other parties, effectively disenfranchising a growing proportion of the electorate. In Sweden equality doesn’t extend to democracy any more than to free speech.

Sweden is indeed a pioneer in cultural suicide. We are witnessing a wealthy, civilised country deliberately demolishing itself in the name of an insane ideology. Sweden has lit a fire underneath itself and is blowing on the flames. It could turn out to be a colourful spectacle.

Michael Blackburn.


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