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The BBC aims to be multi-colourful.

THE BBC HAS finally plunged its fatuous head right up its PC fundament. Director General Tony Hall has announced a brilliant new racist policy, reports the Telegraph:

One in seven BBC presenters and actors is to be black, Asian or minority ethnic within the next three years, it has been announced, as Lord Hall pledges to improve diversity.

Lord Hall, the director-general, has promised 15 per cent of on-air BBC staff will be black, Asian or minority ethnic (BAME) by 2017, along with one in ten managers.

According to the BBC itself, this is an increase of just 5%. To those of us who watch the BBC such an increase in BAMES in news and current affairs won’t be much of a change, because they seem more than proportionally represented as it is. How this will work out in terms of actors remains to be seen because we don’t know how many of this 5% would be working in administrative and off-screen roles (but presumably not, as Lenny Henry warned, ‘cleaners or security guys’).  Given the BBC’s own self-revulsion at being “hideously white”, it makes you wonder why it’s taken so long for it to correct itself.

I hope the DG has precisely worked out his ethnic diversity percentages so the BBC doesn’t get inter-BAME conflicts tearing it apart. You can just imagine the Asian camp splitting between Hindus and Muslims, and the Chinese getting uppity because they’re outnumbered by the rest. In a couple of years we may have a Polish contingent at loggerheads with management over too many Lithuanians. But they probably won’t count, because they’re white, so they’ll have to slug it out in the carpark.

For most of the others that shouldn’t be a problem under the new regime. Mr Hall says he wants a ‘talent-led approach’ to choosing staff. Once you’ve ticked the right ethnic boxes, then you’ll be chosen for your talent. It’s nice to be patronised, isn’t it?

No one has yet explained how this obeisance to diversity will make for better programming. The truth is, it can’t. It’s not really meant to. It’s meant to make the PC elite feel better about themselves because no one can call them racist. How lucky for them it’s the taxpayer who’s stumping up for their moral rectitude.

Michael Blackburn.

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