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Cheesing off the salt cops.

I SEE THE Salt Police have been out and about this week, complaining about cheese. Too much salt in it, apparently. The cheese makers are not pleased. Neither am I. Salt raises blood pressure and that’s bad for you. Single-interest groups demanding I change the way I live annoy the hell out of me – and raise my blood pressure.

The Salt police have been active for a number of years. Back in 2008 a bunch of them in local councils organised various campaigns to get us to reduce our intake. In Gateshead this policy resulted in council apparatchiks visiting local fish and chip shops to get the owners to exchange their deadly, heart-attack inducing 17-hole salt shakers with politically correct and healthy five-hole shakers. I haven’t seen the figures yet but I assume that single act alone has saved the lives of a million Tynesiders. I hope they’re all grateful and vote accordingly.

The apparent aims of such groups often appear laudable and sensible, but what repels me is the self-righteous, bullying, know-it-all certainty of the people who run them. And the fact that they they are so intent on getting us to change our behaviour and are always demanding the government make more laws. They certainly get the useful idiots in the media to give them ample airtime and column inches.

We’re suffering a plague of these pressure groups in this country; animal rights activists, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, the salt nazis, the alcohol fascists, the cigarette commissars, the car-bashers, the anti-fracking oil-haters, the boycotters, etc.

One thing you notice about most of them is that they’re all politically very correct. It couldn’t be that they have a common purpose in mind, could it? That would definitely not be good for my blood pressure.

Michael Blackburn.

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