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One thing leads to another on the line of time.

By TIM WALKER [Independent] – From the ancient Roman calendar to Facebook’s brain-melting new “Timeline” profile layout, most of us are accustomed to visualising history as linear; a middle, book-ended by arbitrary beginnings and ends. And yet, timelines designed as a single straight axis, with a regular and measured distribution of dates, have only existed in such a form for around 250 years. So write historians Daniel Rosenberg and Anthony Grafton, the authors of Cartographies of Time: A History of the Timeline.

In the age of the internet, the infographic has matured into a mass medium, made famous by websites like David McCandless’s Information is Beautiful. Rosenberg and Grafton’s new book records its messy pre-natal development. Until the Renaissance, they explain, “chronology was among the most revered of scholarly pursuits… the facts of chronology had significant implications outside the academic study of history.”

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