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The American midterm elections: A Calamo prediction.

Calamo looks into his lead-sodden crystal ball the morning of 1 November 2010:

Tomorrow, the Republicans will win an overwhelming majority of the US House seats up for grabs.

Approximately one week from now, they will demonstrate, with customary incompetence, why they will be unable to maintain that majority.

Two years from now, they will again be in the minority – third behind Democrats and whatever’s then passing for the Tea Party caucus.

Four-to-six years from now: All Republican office holders will have been retired and sent to fetch balls from water traps in Ohio golf courses. Sen. Jon Stewart will feud with fellow Democratic Senators Al Franken and Stephen Tyrone Colbert. It will be non-hilarious. Randy Quaid will fail in his effort to gain the Libertarian nomination for Connecticut state attorney general.

– Calamo

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