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Cluster index: Michael Blackburn

The Lost Art of Whistling.

Michael Blackburn: ‘The death of whistling mirrors the withering away of the old working class and its communal spirit. If I were a leftist I would blame Thatcher at this point. Thatcher, milk-snatcher, pit-killer, industry-destroyer and whistle-gagger. What a legacy. There’s a thesis in there for anyone with nothing better to do.’

Fascism 2.0.

Michael Blackburn: ‘When it comes to how communism and fascism operate there’s not much difference: they are both totalitarian. What we experiencing now is that liberal fascism outlined in Jonah Goldberg’s book of the same name.’

What did the Romans do for us?

Michael Blackburn: ‘Holding up Roman Britain as a time when the country was supposedly ethnically diverse and welcoming to foreigners is a way of rebuking those who want stricter controls on immigration as being both historically and morally wrong.’

Ms Greening’s gender bandwagon.

Michael Blackburn: ‘Some people are obviously engaged in a futile war against reality. Life is hard. It’s unfair. It doesn’t conform to what the profs and intellectuals are always preaching. Hormones don’t obey fashionable dogmas. “Evolution,” as Hayek said, “cannot be just.” Get used to it, sisters, and adapt, otherwise the rest of your days will be filled with rage and loneliness.’

Ostentatious virtue.

Michael Blackburn: ‘Why do they do it? Why do they so relentlessly, uncritically blather these inanities (apart from the fact they can, and get publicity in the process)? Maybe it’s simply because they realise they’re making immense amounts of money by doing something that’s irrelevant and trivial. Entertaining people is OK but it’s ultimately not a serious endeavour, is it? And these people are desperate to be taken seriously.’

The media Inferno.

Michael Blackburn: ‘[Corbyn] got to deliver this gem of wisdom at Glastonbury, which looks set to become a regular site of pilgrimage for Labour’s nomenklatura, somewhere they can bond with the nation’s bourgeois revolutionaries in a self-congratulatory aura of trendiness.’

Bees, vice, and paradise.

Michael Blackburn: ‘The whole economic system churns over immense amounts of money both of the legal and illegal kind, enabling millions of people to earn the wherewithal to live. A vast amount of waste is involved in this and yet somehow society continues without collapsing.’

Remain calm in your safe space.

Michael Blackburn: ‘The hedonistic cult of the individual found itself amalgamated with the increasingly authoritarian cult of state worship, a cult which has proliferated its divisive activities into every area of life it can occupy — race, class, sexuality, religion, etc. Everything to do with the nation’s past and heritage is either deliberately forgotten or trashed. What it is being replaced with is a febrile tradition of resentment and sanctimonious, sentimental emotionalism, and a simpering pleading for peacefulness perversely shot through with violent intolerance.’

No conceptual penis, no climate change.

Michael Blackburn: ‘That is impressive. Oppression, servitude, poverty and the death of the whole planet, all down to the non-existent penis. It was too good to be true. No wonder they fell for it.’

Labour’s lost boy.

Michael Blackburn: ‘Jeremy Corbyn, then, is Peter Pan, and a great example of him in the purest mode. But in order to continue promulgating this sort of fantasy you have to ignore the lessons of reality. That brings me to my second point — amnesia. There is virtually no memory in Neverland. People come and go and no one cares or remembers. Peter Pan returns sporadically to the Darling household but lives in a state of forgetting. Even Tinker Bell and Captain disappear into oblivion.’

A surfeit of elections.

Michael Blackburn: ‘All that most people know about Macron is that he looks like he’s a bit too young to be in charge of one of Europe’s biggest nations and that he married his teacher. No doubt he’ll huff and puff Gallically over the Brexit negotiations while doing exactly what his boss, Mrs Merkel, tells him to. The “open”, “stronger” Europe racket is still in business, so the one thing the French can do is stock up on candles and prepare themselves for the next round of Muslim terror attacks.’

What’s so funny?

Michael Blackburn: ‘Hasan Minhaj’s leaden quips and jibes were as relentless as those by our own comics on such programmes as Have I Got News For You? and Mock The Week, series in which the twitching dead of leftist comedy are allowed to squeak and gibber in their own echo chamber.’

The leftist love-in with Islam.

IT CAN’T HAVE escaped the intelligent observer that the left — and what we can call the Establishment in general — is more than indulgent towards Islam. It is truly, madly, deeply, pathologically besotted with it.

Another slap from Nanny.

Michael Blackburn: ‘We are now at a stage in public life and private life where we have to pretend we’re not grown-up enough to understand jokes, language or context. We have to pretend that words are actual things like sticks and stones. We need Nanny to give us a slap for being bad children (but mainly bad boys) who say bad things, while the bullies and their sneaky little hangers-on point their fingers saying, “It was him, Miss, it was him. He was the one who said it.”’

Transnational buffoonery.

Michael Blackburn: ‘In south Wales the road signs are bilingual even though few few people there use Welsh (different, I know, in north Wales) and it annoys the hell out of me whenever I visit. It’s another form of virtue signalling but with racist overtones (but acceptably racist in PC terms).’