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Cluster index: Tim Dooley


By TIM DOOLEY. . HIS subject is the sea and he is subject to the sea there is no subtext his subject is the sea and he reflects the way it varies even as it seems so still it seems so still there is no subtext but it is not still it varies there is movement here that he reflects on […]

The Cavalcantine Lure.

And Six More Poems. By TIM DOOLEY. . The Cavalcantine Lure. A PRETTY FACE, the very heart of reason, the expert’s dry indifference to rank, the song of birds and lovers’ reasoning and boats lit all along the southern bank. Purest air; dawn’s first whitest hour and white snow falling where there is no wind, […]

Poetry written in Britain’s ‘long moment’.

Peter Robinson: ‘The crisis our country is still in as we speak, the withdrawal agreement from the EU not likely to be got ‘over the line’, never mind the treaties that are to establish our future relationship with continental Europe, brought back, as we’ve already touched on, a lifetime of personal and public vicissitudes, and the poems in “Ravishing Europa” came relatively quickly under the pressure of public events as felt on my barometric pulses.’