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Cluster index: Richard Kostelanetz

Considering ‘The Young American Writers’ anthology, fifty-five years later.

Richard Kostelanetz: ‘Both Carroll and myself resisted attributing to our writers a common esthetic stance and, in this respect, we differed from, say, Ezra Pound’s Des Imagists (1914). Or even a common background, such as a geographical residence or university writing programs.’

Literary politics in America.

Richard Kostelanetz; ‘This essay repeats criticisms made by me in periodicals and conversations over the past decade, when they were heard or read by an angry but ineffectual few. Only in 1970 did I realize that if my complete critique were written and then published in permanent form, we could have more leverage in dealing with adversity.’

From the Brooklyn-Queens Border, 22 April-17 May 2020.

Richard Kostelanetz: ‘Nothing upsets me more, as a Democrat-for-life, than my party’s leaders advocating a state-enforced lock-out of employees because that has always been a corporate strategy to destroy unions and undermine the native working class.’