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Cluster index: Adam Kosan

Five night stories.

Adam Kosan: ‘And even if the snoring suddenly stopped, the way their neighbor jumped and slid around her apartment and vacuumed several times a day was enough to guarantee continued disturbance to the integrity of life below.’


Adam Kosan: ‘I am on my back in a cradle, I am cradled in memory’s time from shin-splitting physical forward time, in my valley of the world I rehearse catastrophe, enthralled by an overgrown hand and belittled hill that together have established a new natural form.’

Exercises of Memory.

Adam Kosan: ‘Or I could go back to when I entered into the bee’s hunger. The most miraculous lighting took me and floated me in a low range of sky, all full of scents, again the rich earth. Into the flowering earth and only flowering earth…’