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Index: Puzzle-Fiction


Shukburgh Ashby: ‘A formerly magnificent pair of statues in marble, depicting local landowners, Sir Hubert and Lady Margaret Campion dates to 1521. Margaret holds a rose and a handkerchief, for love and devotion, and Hubert an open book and crucifix. They are gently connected by the touch of their foreheads. Both now blackened.’


Shukburgh Ashby: ‘Richard Fitzwalden, the 18th Baron, is said to have taken a piece of chalk and drawn a line down the stairs, running S to N. The eastern apartment was built for the Baron and his mistress, and the western reserved for his wife, Emma Fitzwalden. On the ground floor, Emma Fitzwalden used the Venetian doorway to the S, and Richard Fitzwalden the door on the N front.’