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Index: Dossier: ‘The Manager” by Richard Berengarten

Disorganization Man.

On Richard Berengarten’s The Manager A Fortnightly Critical Dossier. . By ANTHONY WALTON. The time is fast going by for the great personal or individual achievement of any one man standing alone […]. And the time is coming when all great things will be done by that type of cooperation in which each man performs […]

He Do the Different Voices: ‘The Manager’ Speaking.

A. Robert Lee: ‘In its vision of selfhood steering between hope and existential fracture, be it on account of a society under techno-corporate writ, suburb-to-office routine, or individual loss of marital and sexual self-esteem, “The Manager” could hardly offer a work more carefully purposive in its uses of speaking voice.’

“On her promise of recognition.”

Kay Yooung: ‘The Manager is a long poem of modern English life at the middle—middle-age, middle-income, middle-accomplishment, middle-earth—that somewhere between life and death. It is a poem that could sing in its hundred parts of the easeful comforts of middleness, but instead dwells most often in the midst of dis-easeful dissatisfactions, longings, and confusions. ‘

On Richard Berengarten’s ‘The Manager’.

Paul Scott Derrick: ‘Berengarten has on no other occasion published a book-length sequence that employs the recourse of the verse-paragraph, nor one that deals with a comparable subject matter: the peculiar and arguably grotesque modes of thinking, speaking and believing of the fauna inhabiting the corporate and financial environments of late twentieth-century England. ‘