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The media: missed again.

By “XIAOMAO” [Chronicle & a comment to a Washington Post article, “The media didn’t want to believe Trump could win. So they looked the other way.”] — no, you didn’t “miss” it. you deliberately, persistently, and consistently dismissed people and their voices by twisting our words, taking things out of context to make your misleading headlines, suppressing comments that you don’t like, and in not so subtle way insisting that simply because someone doesn’t have some BS 4 year sociology degree, he is “uneducated” or “rural” (hence less worthy than you and your opinion!) you only picked and published and made up sh!t that served your own agenda and naïveté and hypocrisy, polling, your superficial demographic typing of trump supporters.

‘you lost yet I do not dare to think any of you will learn a lesson.’

you only mention white male without a college degree, Muslim, Latino or black. you know what? there are so many of us who don’t fit into your little boxes of convenience, and you carried on as if our opinion will never matter. I’ve got news for you! every single vote counted equally regardless what kind of stereotype label you put on a person. as for me? a woman of color, an immigrant, with 3 advanced degrees and living in both rural and urban places, both inside and outside of this country as we have mutiltple homes, I voted for Obama and this time trump. would any of your “journalists” care to know why? or would you try again to put me in one of your demographic boxes … uneducated white male? urban female of color? surburbian elite? huh? you lost yet I do not dare to think any of you will learn a lesson.

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