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Polls: Ferguson’s anger isn’t shared by most black Americans.

By FRANK NEWPORT [Gallup] — August 3: PRINCETON, N.J. — Despite the significant public attention on confrontations between black citizens and police in Missouri, Maryland and New York over the past year, blacks in 2015 express virtually the same opinions about being mistreated by police as they did in 2013. This year, 18% of adult blacks say there has been an occasion the last 30 days when they personally felt they were treated unfairly in dealings with police, which is virtually the same as the 17% recorded in 2013. This is down from as high as 25% in 2004…

By ART SWIFT [Gallup] — August 6: WASHINGTON, D.C. — Black Americans are divided over whether their local police treat racial minorities, including blacks, fairly or unfairly. Fifty-two percent of blacks say local police treat these minorities “very fairly” or “fairly,” while 48% say the police act “unfairly” or “very unfairly.” In contrast, 73% of national adults, 71% of Hispanics and 78% of whites say the police treat racial minorities fairly…

The Minority Rights and Relations Gallup survey conducted June 15-July 10, which included an expanded sample size of blacks and Hispanics, reveals that Americans have complex views of how police treat minorities and whether there should be a greater police presence in communities. More blacks (38%) say they want a greater police presence in their local communities than do whites (18%) or Americans more broadly (23%)…

By JUSTIN McCARTHY [Gallup] — August 7: WASHINGTON, D.C. — Americans still widely believe that civil rights for blacks have improved during their lifetime, but the 76% who say this is down from 87% in 2013. Meanwhile, the percentage of Americans who say the situation stayed the same or has worsened (23%) is the highest Gallup has ever found…

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