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Cluster index: Steven Jaron

Zoran Music at Dachau.

Steven Jaron: ‘It would have occurred to him, while reading Paul Celan, that the landscapes he was painting in fact concealed the wasted landscape of the death camps, its prominent features being the cadavers holding “Conversations / from smoke mouth to smoke mouth.”’

The Magdeburg Sphere.

Marcel Cohen: ‘Can the way we see the world after the Catastrophe serve as testimony for a man of my generation? Can a form of absence of the author, an author cut-off from himself, serve as presence for the reader? These are further questions to which I have no answer. But I remember that when I was a special correspondent for a Parisian daily in Israel during the Six Day War, I was struck by this obvious fact: contrary to a church or a mosque, the Wailing Wall is not a place where you can take refuge and feel sheltered. You gaze upon it and then you must necessarily resolve to turn your back to it in order to look out at the world.’