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Cluster index: Raphael Rubinstein

Edmond Jabès meets Max Jacob.

Raphael Rubinstein: ‘In June 1936, having left Paris for the town of Saint Benoît-sur-Loire some 100 miles to the south, Max replies testily to Edmond who has asked him for help in publishing his poetry. “You cruelly offend me [the words “cruelly offend” are underlined three times] in taking me for a bureau of recommendations. I am a searcher like you. You only remember me when you need me. O naked cynicism!! ‘The others’ have gotten me used to the most adroit hearts. And I thought you more refined. Disappointment!”’

Castaways in Cairo: An Exercise in Bibliographic Archæology.

Raphael Rubinstein: ‘The few pieces I’ve read by [Yvonne] Laeufer are intriguing, especially a 1927 article where she celebrates Arab music and takes Western music critics to task for their ethnocentrism. Is she a lost writer worth recovering?’